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Working Remotely Equals Happier Staff

Let’s Make it Happen for You.

It’s no secret that the office of today is very different from those of yesteryear. Processes are faster, more streamlined and many systems are automated, relegating the monotonous tasks to intelligent office equipment. However, the flip side of this coin is that we are busier than ever, and the stress of wearing too many hats at work, enduring a long commute or having to deal with inadequate public transport certainly takes its toll.

Many have found that the answer to rising stress and lower productivity lies in working remotely. And it’s the same smart devices in our office that allow more of the workforce to set up shop in their home office and get down to business.

Working Remotely – Does it Work?

The statistics on remote working are interesting. Companies report higher productivity, greater efficiency, less absenteeism and higher morale from staff who are able to work from home.

Working remotely allows for a better work/life balance. Parents can take a quick hour out to watch their child’s gala without having to take a day’s leave, and still get the same amount of work done by starting earlier or finishing later.

Office Automation is the Key

Remote working would never be possible, however, without the true champion – office automation. We open our laptops and securely log in to a virtual private network to get started. We send Bob from Operations an email or have a quick Skype conversation with him to clarify a few points, and then we connect to the office printer and print out the results of our labour for Bob to work from. All of this is done without leaving the house.

At Mailmech we offer current and reliable office automation products to make your business run smoother and faster. Do you need a new printer which can quickly and easily be linked up to work within your network from any connected device? Do you need secure email and electronic solutions to allow for remote working? If this sounds like an excellent idea, then we’d like to assist.

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