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Why Choose Production Mailing Systems and Inserters for Bulk Mail?

One of our key partners, Kern, hits the proverbial nail on the head when they say, “Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is the primary function of the Kern 686.” Indeed these production mailing systems are an essential component of the modern-day office which requires the sending out of bulk mail.

What are the benefits of choosing a production mailing system though? After all, people have been stuffing, licking and sticking envelopes for hundreds of years. 

Well, that’s kind of the point. Today’s business needs often require that hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of pieces of mail go out regularly. 

However, can you trust a system such as this to get the right form in the right envelope so that Mr Jones doesn’t receive Mrs Smith’s bank statement? What if multiple pages are going to the same person – will they be inserted in the correct order? Perhaps you have an A3 form going into a C6 envelope?

Production Mailing Systems Make it Easy

While the above concerns may be valid, they pose no problem for the Kern production mailing systems. 

The technology is phenomenal with checks and balances all along the way to eliminate the possibility of error, jamming or lost documents. 

Take a look at some of these features:

  • The system follows instructions from computer generated control marks in the form of OMR or bard codes. The microprocessor guarantees that each document goes in the correct envelope and in the correct order. 


  • An integrated folding system (which is an incredibly smart yet simple procedure) can manage any parallel or cross-fold as required. That solves the A3 to C6 puzzle.


  • When additional enclosures are required, they are placed within the folded form which means that everything goes into the envelope and nothing gets lost along the way.


Of course, these are just three of the multitude of features offered by the phenomenally clever production mailing systems available through Mailmech.

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