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What’s New in Letterhead Trends

With so much communication occurring online and via instant messaging, is there still a need for branded stationery?

We think so. 

In fact, we think there’s still space in this digital world for beautiful design and so we’ve looked into letterhead trends in 2021 to see what’s happening.

Letterhead trends 2021

 With so many companies vying for attention and brands begging to be remembered, businesses need to be brave and more than a little innovative in order to stand out. 


Black on white? Boring! There has been a distinct shift toward paper and envelopes with rich colouring pulled from the business brand. While still easy to read and professional, communication on a coloured background seems somehow less bland, don’t you agree?


Do you remember the stationery you used at school as a child? The slightly yellowing graph paper and lined sheets with a margin are being used to great effect by businesses who enjoy an “olde world” design element. Yes, it’s nice to have a sharp, monochromatic, and corporate look and feel, but when we’re communicating ideas or emotions, then remember that we’re talking to real people. 


If you are keen to stick to a more traditional black and white letterhead for your communications, there’s no reason why you can’t still keep it fresh and interesting. Ask your designer to play around with margins, font type, or header and footer placement. 

It’s tough to stand out in this crowded digital age, we all know that. But if our business dictates that we send paper mail to our customers then let’s step outside the black and white box and mix it up a little. Letterheads are a brilliant way to communicate a company culture or the personality of a small team.

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