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What Is a Glue Fold Machine?

Glue fold machines are beneficial to companies that supply or use large amounts of packaging. These automated machines turn flat material into various packaging options by folding on pre-creased lines. Once folded, a line of glue is applied to help hold a specific shape.

A glue fold machine can work with numerous different materials, including plastics, corrugated and solid board. These machines require the right training and knowledge to operate properly and safely, so look into training courses and costs for potential operators.

Benefits of Glue Fold Machines

As with all automated processes, there are various benefits that a glue fold machine brings to the table. They are much faster than manually folding, and you can rest assured that the glue will hold fast.

They are also far more accurate in their fold, will no room for human error. They offer a uniform look, where if done manually you could never achieve.

There is less waste when using automated systems, as you set the scissors to what you want and keep it within a certain range.

Do I Need One?

If you are looking for finer finished products, and to save time and money you should start looking for glue fold machines for sale. So many industries these days use packaging, and if you are in the packaging game it is a no brainer. Likewise, if your company produces a product and you are buying a lot of packaging.

Saving Time and Money

Glue fold machines average around 200 pieces per minute. This alone shows you the time you will save if you invest in one. It also frees up employees to be used in other areas to speed up various aspects to match your new automated process.

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