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What Are The Business Benefits of Archiving Services?

We’ve all heard of archiving services and no doubt have some sort of system in place for our own business. But the question arises; are our archiving services serving our business? 

In what way?

Why Archive?

Depending on your industry archiving requirements differ. However, the bottom line is that all businesses need to keep some data for varying periods and under certain security protocols. The legal requirements regarding record-keeping and archiving outlined in the South African Bureau of Standards are comprehensive. 

On a practical level, we need move data which is no longer relevant, needed or frequently accessed off our primary systems to free up space and to make sure that we don’t accidentally hit the delete button. It happens!

Archiving Services Create Business Opportunities

As more businesses come online, the information that we are sending and receiving has exploded and can easily choke systems which are not regularly backed up and archived.

Data which is ready to be archived can take the form of emails, images, pdfs, videos, spreadsheets or documents.  

You can pop these all onto an external storage device and secrete it away somewhere, certainly, but we have a better plan. 

The archiving services offered by Mailmech the following benefits:

  • Object agnostic – we store any binary object.
  • Encryption – security at its finest.
  • User-defined taxonomy, retention periods and access rules.
  • Integrated to customer systems via the web.

What we’re most interested in, however, is the taxonomy element. A massive dump of unstructured data is of no use to anyone, you’ll agree.

But once it’s been categorised and structured in such a way as to add valuable data insights to past customer behaviours, old case studies, aged financials, and business processes then what is considered as dated or useless information suddenly becomes a goldmine of data.

Safely storing and granting access to this information as and when you need it is what we do.  

If your business needs to reconsider the safety, security and accessibility of your data then please call the Mailmech team who can impress you with our archiving services.


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