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What Are Some of the Automated Mail Systems Currently in Use?

Our post goes through a series of automated mail systems. From the time it’s posted, until it’s finally delivered, a letter will be processed by a variety of machines

Keep reading to learn about some of the systems currently in use. And the importance of counting and sorting machines.

Why It’s Important

Automated mail systems speed up sorting. They reduce post backlogs and delivery delays. Automated machinery postmarks and sorts tens of thousands of letters per hour. This is a process that goes faster than having a person do it manually.

Imagine it’s your job to stand in front of hundreds of pigeon holes. You have to read each name and address, then allocate every single letter correctly. This is what you do day after day. The work is slow, labour intensive, and boring. Moreover, it’s easy to make mistakes.

Sorting and counting machines are an integral part of the modern postal service. They also play an important role in banks and other financial institutions.

Automated Mail Systems

Let’s take a quick look at the series of automated mail systems that a letter goes through in today’s postal system.

1)   Acceptance

The acceptance phase happens when the postal service collects your letter. Whatever you’ve posted becomes the possession of the post office until it’s delivered.

2)   Facing and Cancelling

Mechanical sorters turn each letter so that it faces the right way, and check the letters for postage.

Cameras on the machines read the postage stamps and the hand-written addresses. The machine will then cancel the stamp and apply the postmark.

3)   Sorting and Distributing

The final automated process happens when the post is gathered for distribution. All the letters are sorted according to the order the postman or postwoman will need to deliver them in.

The postal carrier arrives, collects the bundle and heads out. This makes the physical delivery process much quicker.

Letters aren’t handled much between the acceptance and distribution phases. This is because everything in between is automated.

Automated mail systems reduce the work involved in processing individual letters. And, importantly, they decrease the risk of human error.

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