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The Value of Interactive Documents in 2021

We’re all becoming far more comfortable with remote offices, working from home, and online collaboration. This certainly is the year for taking our technical skills forward and embracing new ways of doing things.

Interactive documents have been a thing for several years, but with lockdown forcing us into our own space we’re finding that this way of communicating is actually quite handy.

What Are Interactive Documents?

In the past when we received a document via email it would often come with a sea of attachments such as associated video files, images, or forms. 

Not anymore. 

Interactive documents are far more engaging, easier to use, and allow us to manage information a whole lot better. 

Video and Audio

Did you know that you can embed a video or an audio file in a document so that your reader doesn’t have to leave the page to receive your message? Video files can be branded and customised with your company image for a professional edge. 


Remember when we would email a form through and it would need to be printed, completed, and then scanned or faxed back to us? That was a real bore, wasn’t it? 

Forms and other transactional documents are now a simple thing to add to a document and can be completed and returned super-fast. No need for printing or scanning or fussing. 


A static image in a document is great, but a gallery is even better. An interactive document allows us to overlay multiple images with the accompanying navigation buttons – perfect when a single image just won’t do.

If you’re taking your business to new heights this year and you would like assistance with interactive documents, design, and personalisation, please give the Mailmech team a call on 011 789 1608.

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