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The Value of Automated Systems for Happy Employees

Business owners and senior managers go to great lengths to maintain a pleasant and healthy working environment for their staff. However, one element is often overlooked, that being the impact of repetitive tasks.

Yes, we know that when you employ someone to do a job, they’re going to be doing much the same thing on a daily basis. The problem arises, though, when staff members are tasked with repetitive, mundane jobs for a protracted period.

How important are automated systems in today’s office?

Automated Systems vs Repetitive Tasks

When it comes to the physical health of our team, repetitive movements can pose a threat. We’re not simply talking about a boring old stock take or writing a weekly report. Rather, we’re referring to movements that are repeated over and over again for hours, days, or weeks at a time.

For instance, folding flyers and filling envelopes, or sorting large volumes of mail may result in repetitive strain injury or ailments such as tendinitis or carpal tunnel. Other conditions can easily result such as neck or back pain due to standing or sitting in the same position for hours at a time.

In the same way, assigning tasks like these can impact an employee’s mental health. Extreme boredom can result in stress and a thoroughly demoralized person that may induce them to seek another position.

A job that lacks meaning has a detrimental effect on us humans. One report says, “Scientists have found that monotonous work can negatively impact mental health, cause us major stress, and lead to burnout. The chronically bored are at higher risk for drug addiction, alcoholism, and compulsive gambling.”

Without diving further into this big topic, it’s clear that treating humans like machines is never going to end well. That makes automated systems a critical part of a company’s structure.

Technology has advanced to the point where there is very little need to use people in positions that require monotonous and repetitive tasks, especially in the office.

If this strikes a chord with you, please take a moment to look through our automated office machines. They can take away the stress and boredom from your valued team at the touch of a button.

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