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The Glorious Glue Fold Machine

In the wonderful world of automation, the glue fold machine is an exceptionally clever piece of equipment. We know that the days of manually filling and stamping envelopes is a thing of the distant past, but somehow, we’re still fascinated with the speed and versatility of the glue fold machine.

What does a glue fold machine do?

As indicated by its name, the glue folder machine is a mechanised folding and gluing system. Taking an innocuous sheet of paper, this smart machine pulls a printed sheet, folds it in several variations, applies glue to seal it, and can quickly perforate it if required. It can also be used as a simple folding machine if the need arises.

Whether you need to print one side and conceal it in a C-fold, or you need to print on two sides and fold it into six concealed panels, the choices are endless.

It really is a wonderful way to reduce mailing costs while still ensuring secure, quality communication with your customers. 

Who needs a glue fold machine?

The process of glue folding is primarily used for security purposes and serves to keep confidential documents safe from prying eyes. Not only are they securely printed and sealed on site but are tamper-proof and recipients can quickly see if anyone has tried to take a sneak peek at their mail.

These are ideal for personal documents such as:

  • Tax notifications
  • Bank statements
  • Invoices
  • Salary slips

However, the speed and versatility of the glue fold machine makes it a great choice for other paper mail items. These could include:

  • Sales or promotional mail
  • Notices
  • Appointments
  • Order forms
  • Letters
  • Advice slips

If you’re still licking and sticking, please get in touch with the Mailmech team. We can help you to choose the best glue fold machine for your business. 

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