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The Essential Role of Paper Shredders in Data Security

Even though data security has become a top priority and there are serious dangers to not properly disposing of confidential documents in a secure fashion, important information still ends up in the rubbish bin every day

The official enforcement of the POPI act at the end of July 2021 has also made it mandatory for companies to take extra care with confidential information and those found in breach of data security and confidential information safeguards can get into some very hot water with the authorities as well as opening themselves up to liability lawsuits.

The best way to get rid of confidential paper documents you no longer need and so that no information can be gathered from them by nefarious sources is to use a paper shredder. When it comes to data security, these handy machines should be an essential home and business appliance.

The Main Reasons You Should Be Shredding

Personal data pertains to any information that can help identify a person with details including names, location details, ID numbers and other contact details.

Identity Protection

As a business owner, it is vital that you take every precaution to protect your customers’ and employees’ identities. Keeping sensitive documents, such as time cards, payslips, health records, copies of photo IDs, and old security badges, secure is crucial. It is best not to throw them away in the trash, but to dispose of them in a secure manner. The less information that can be gathered about your customers and employees, the more secure their identity will be.

Account Security

Paper bank statements and any documents that include bank account numbers and any other personal or company banking information should always be shredded to prevent phishing, bank fraud and to keep your bank account as secure as possible.

Tax Returns

Many people tend to save their tax returns in case they get audited. Generally, though, after five years of returns, you are free to get rid of these. Since tax returns have confidential information included on them, they too should be shredded before disposal.

Space Saver

Beyond being vigilant about data security, do you really need all of those papers piling up in your office? Instead of letting paper take up all your coveted ‘real estate’ in your office, get to shredding those documents instead.

Choose Your Shredder

Mailmech specialises in Kobra Shredders. They are well-known and popular for their sleek design and capabilities of shredding anything from paper to tougher materials like credit cards and DVDs.  The Kobra 300-SS4 Shredder is a safe, reliable and robust security companion for any office, the features of which include:

  • 24 hours continuous duty operation
  • Auto start/stop through electronic eyes
  • Auto-stop with a signal when the bin is full
  • Shreds 32-34 sheets at a time, strip-cut
  • Shreds credit cards, CDs, DVDs,
  • 85-litre waste bin

Get in touch with Mail Mech today to order your preferred paper shredder and stay on top of data security.  Call their helpful staff for advice and products on 011-789 1608 or visit

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