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How Your Business Documents Affect Your Brand Image

Brand equity describes the reputation your brand generates and your business documents are among the significant contenders in creating your image. Communication between businesses as well as with customers often creates the first opportunity for you to be noticed.

You know for yourself what sort of equity brands such as Outsurance, Capitec, Castle, and Sasol have acquired for themselves. They deserve the position they have because they worked for it.

What can you do to improve your brand image?

The Role of Business Documents in Your Brand Imaging

Brand imaging is both purposeful and essential, and your business documents are an excellent brand touchpoint to maximise.

Just because most documentation today is digital, doesn’t mean you can get casual about your branding image. On the contrary, digital communication and documentation provide the ideal platform for making people stop and take note.

Your voice, image, culture and values are associated with the branding on your business documentation. That includes your media presence – your website is primary, but that needs to carry through to all your business documents and social media blogs.

Fonts and Colours in Your Business Documents

When people receive documentation from you, would you say they readily recognise you? While the world of fonts and colours has been analysed ad infinitum, if you choose to use the same colours as another recognizable brand, what are you doing to differentiate yourself?

The same can be said for fonts or logo designs for that matter. What do Ford, Facebook, Boeing and Mailing & Mechanization and Dell have in common? Their dominantly blue logo. What differentiates them? Their fonts, or lettering style.

Here are some pointers for the meaning of colours in branding for business documents:

  • Blue – Reliable, calming, and intelligent
  • Red – Exciting and passionate
  • Yellow – Warm and youthful
  • Orange – Energetic, inspiring and enthusiastic
  • Green – Environment, money, tranquillity

In short, when someone accesses your business documents, do they see what you really want them to? Subliminally, people universally respond positively to colours, fonts and simplicity. Take the Nike ’swoosh’ logo as a case in point. No matter what colours they use, their branding is unmistakable.

Let your business documents leave people feeling confident in your brand without feeling bullied by overusing branding in your documentation.

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