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How to Make Your Office Greener

We’re sure you’ll agree that automation streamlines office tasks and decides the overall health of any secular operation, but did you know that office automation also makes it possible to implement a green office mindset to make your business more environmentally responsible and resource-efficient at the same time?

Here’s how your business can be part of the eco-friendly solutions for our planet.

The Paperless Green Office

Office automation gives us the freedom to spend more time on people tasks while technology affords us the freedom to work towards a paperless office thereby reducing our carbon footprint.

Use automated project management tools to free up time and help keep tabs on multiple tasks for multiple people on multiple days.

Consider digitising old records by bringing them into the modern world using document scanning. Current documents can then too be digitised by ongoing scanning practices, making everything easily accessible and safe via backup to remote servers or the cloud.

Digitising documents now opens the door to paperless meetings whereby anyone who needs a copy of a document can download and store it on a smart device lessening the need for printing. 

Accounting software tools can easily automate day to day tasks such as paying bills, tracking transactions and receipts, and managing invoices. 

If you haven’t already gone down this road, ask vendors to send e-invoices and e-statements rather than posting you paper ones, and in turn, offer the same paperless option to your clientele.

Embrace the green office marketing potential of social media by automating some of your posts to manage tasks that otherwise may take up rather a lot of time daily.

Minimise Paper Consumption

While most businesses cannot go completely paperless, reducing paper usage and waste will greatly assist in your goal for a green office environment.

Use environmentally friendly paper that has been made with more sustainable substances like bamboo, hemp or organic cotton. Alternatively, find a supplier of paper with high amounts of post-consumer recycled content.

Try to print less by using email to send digital documents or perhaps saving files to a central location that everyone has access to.

Avoid sending out unnecessary letters or brochures by regularly updating your mailing lists, thus saving paper as well as printing and postage costs.

Buy multi-purpose machines to handle things such as copying, scanning and printing which all employees can make use of from a central point. 

When printing, use a smaller font to minimise the amount of paper needed per print. Also, set your printer to the ‘reverse print’ option so that it automatically reverses the paper for you and efficiently utilises both sides of the page.

Don’t Forget to Recycle

So many office products, including electronics, are recyclable which all helps to reduce environmental strain.

Encourage employees to use recycling boxes for wastepaper and shredded documents and also talk to local recycling companies to see if they can offer a collection service.   

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