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Faster Mail Sorting Makes Business Sense

While many businesses are moving toward electronic communications and cloud computing, paper mail is still very much a requirement for certain businesses. 

Invoices, bank statements, medical and financial communication, and salary slips will find themselves printed and posted daily as a necessary requirement for many. Special offers and promotional messaging will run the same course, as will flyers, brochures, parcels and bulky mail items. 

This means that you want the fastest and most accurate automated system available to process this plethora of paper. 

Neopost Mail Sorting Machines

One of the best in the business, Neopost mail sorting systems offer a flexible and user-friendly solution to bulk mail. 

Here’s what that looks like:

  • High-capacity envelope feeder

  • Automated mixed mail input

  • Hand feeder option for thicker items or parcels 

  • Optical barcode reading

  • Optical character reading for handwritten text 

  • Accurate printing on all envelope sizes for outgoing mail

  • Modular design with multiple sort bins

  • Dynamic scale

  • Various sorting options

    • By weight

    • By destination

Customer communication in bulk simply must be an automated function in today’s business. Who has the time or the inclination to spend days doing what a mail sorter can to in seconds?

Whether your business is mail delivery, re-mailing, internal consolidation, or essentially anything related to sending and receiving bulk mail, then the solution is right here. Weigh, sort, and distribute with the press of a button on a magical system which requires just one operator and will offer up statistical reports on all processes.

What’s not to love?

Neopost has several size and system options depending on your needs, and the Mailmech team will be happy to talk you through the pros and cons of each one.

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