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Email vs Mail, What’s The Verdict?

Sending an email whether for business or personal messaging, is simple, fast and efficient. The fact that over 281 billion emails were sent in 2018 is testament to this.

And yet, we still have mail boxes at the end of our properties and post office boxes which we check regularly. Surely email has made standard paper mail obsolete?

Well, there are still some advantages of traditional mail over email, but the gap is indisputably getting wider.

Email vs Mail

  1. Email is instant. In fact, it takes just a matter of seconds for the mail servers to communicate with one another and to deliver your missive to the waiting inbox of the recipient. ‘Snail mail’ as traditional mail is often called takes – well – a lot longer. In the UK, first class post is delivered the following day if posted in the morning. In South Africa post can take several days if it arrives at all. Sadly, that’s a strike against direct mail. Faster is simply better in today’s fast-paced age.
  1. Emails are free. Obviously, one would need a computer or other device, but there are plenty of free email software options and once you’re connected to the world wide web, your emails cost nothing at all. When sending paper mail you’ll need a stamp or a franking machine. Either way, it costs.
  1. Email can be sent to multiple recipients at the same time. A quick note in the cc box and your message will arrive instantly on the desk of as many people as you like. Not so with the postal option, however.
  1. Email required internet access, whereas direct mail doesn’t. We do wonder who doesn’t have internet access in this day and age, but apparently, this is still a thing in various areas. In this case, a letter in the mailbox is the way to go.
  1. Emails can contain malware or viruses which can affect your computer and your security. In fact, cybercrime is on the increase as criminals find more ingenious ways to access our machines via phishing, trojans and other nefarious means. Thankfully, there’s no way for this to happen with traditional mail.
  1. One can send attachments on email with the click of a button. A screenshot, a file, an image – it’s just so easy. Direct mail requires printing out of these same documents which may be necessary for record-keeping but is a negative stroke for the paperless office.
  1. Email addresses are scraped and used for spam and other nuisance messages. They may not be from a criminal mind, but they are a pain. However, how much junk mail do we get in our letterbox or post office box? This is a draw for the email vs mail debate.

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