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Creating a Professional Booklet is Easy

We may live in a digital era, but there is still room for printing beautiful and professional booklets in the business world. Whether you need a few items printed and bound for a training session, an annual meeting or just for an updated health and safety manual, creating a professional booklet can be a simple and fun task.

Tips for a professional booklet

Choose a theme

A professional-looking booklet will have a theme in terms of colour, font and imagery which runs from the front page to the back and helps to tie the information together.

This cohesion is important, and when chosen at the beginning of your project, helps to build an attractive and easy-to-follow booklet.


Images serve to break up walls of text and create interest in a booklet. They also help to illustrate a thought or inject an emotional element to the pages. Whatever your choice of imagery, be sure to maintain a similar look and feel throughout; for example, loading all images with a sepia tone, or in black and white.

White space

White space is the area around the text and imagery. This space ensures that your pages aren’t too cluttered, that the eye has time to rest and absorb what’s there, and also helps to make key points stand out on their own.

Engaging text

In order to make your main points stand out, you can use a variety of colour, text or text colour. An engaging message is enhanced with a striking background, and even changing the weight or spacing of your font for uniformity can work in a booklet.

Once you’ve set up your masterpiece, it’s a simple thing to print it out and create a beautiful, professional booklet.

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