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Business Booklets: Do We Still Need Them?

Even in the digital age, business booklets remain a valuable medium for business activities. Consider how many printed booklets you still come across in your everyday life such as company newsletters, instruction manuals, company portfolios, reference guides and business brochures or catalogues.

Printed Brochures and Catalogues

Printed booklet brochures and catalogues have always been a good way to market goods and services and while web brochures and catalogues may seem like a good idea to save time and possibly money, the only way for an online brochure or catalogue to generate new business is if you have top-notch SEO on your website to make sure that your business stands out among the rest when it comes to internet searches.

Business booklets are still proven as a great way to drive traffic sales as they cut through all the marketing clutter in the digital world and put your company directly in the hands of your prospective customers. Think about it, printed booklets don’t need to compete with spam filters or pop-up adverts from your competition and they don’t require customers to have access to the internet.

Printed Training Manual Booklets

Training forms an integral part of a well-run business and ongoing training is especially at the forefront of business practices in South Africa. Depending on the nature of your business, it is still a reality that not all your staff will have access to technology or have available cellphone data to support an online or emailed training manual. Being able to hand your staff members a physical copy of your company’s training manual will ensure that everyone remains on an equal footing.

Printed Instruction Manual Booklets

If you are a product manufacturer, an instruction manual is one of the most important business booklets provided to a customer who will be using your products to ensure that they use them properly.  It’s easy to assume that printed manuals are outdated but then that would be ignoring the fact that your customers may not always have access to the internet. Many consumers also still prefer having handheld printed user guides that are readily available, easy to read and will allow them to make notes in the margins should they wish to.

Booklet Maker Machines

Depending on the quantity you may need, purchasing your own in-house booklet maker can save you on the creation of business booklets in the long term. Mail Mech is famous for the sale of high quality, long-lasting booklet making machines.

Mail Mech’s KASFOLD range of booklet makers are designed to meet the requirements of a demanding user. Standard features include automatic operations and double side jogging. Stapling options such as flat clench or safety staple formed in an anvil as well as trimming methods, vary among the choice of models.

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