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Brilliant Ideas Behind the Best Direct Mail Campaigns

Digital marketing is taking over the planet, but there is still a huge market for direct mail campaigns. Statistics for 2020 tell us that up to 90% of direct mail gets opened compared to just 20 – 30% of emails.

But – of course, there’s a but – it’s still a competitive market out there and if you want to make the most of your money, then perhaps grab some inspiration from some of the best direct mail campaigns we’ve seen.

3 Of the Best Direct Mail Campaigns

Back in 2010 car manufacturer, Skoda had a cunning plan to promote their new and improved Yeti and its innovative parking assist feature.

To do this, they mailed their target audience a little postcard with a magnetic car stuck to the back. They were instructed to place the car onto the front of the card in a specific space on the photograph. As soon as they did so, the little car scooted into a parking spot, cleverly highlighting the parking feature.

What a smart and memorable way to educate your customers!

ADT took its promotional campaign to the next level when it created a fairly large pop-up box. The box, when folded, would slip easily into a mail slot or under an apartment door. Once released though, it would unfold into a good-sized box that would no doubt confuse the homeowner when they returned home.

The security company had the words “Breaking into your apartment is easier than you think” printed onto the cube for maximum impact.

If your intention is to get maximum interest out of your campaign, then look at what one laundry service, LavOnline did. They sent out little boxes that flatten out into what looks like a t-shirt, with the instructions to squish a little toy tomato onto the shirt. The tomato does not disappoint and looks a right mess on this little t-shirt… only to gather itself back into a small ball and leave a clean shirt behind.

The bottom line is, if your product is relevant and your thinking is different, then you can make a real impact this year with your best direct mail campaign ever.

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