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3 Hidden Talents of the Humble Document Scanner

When faced with a paper document which we need to store, send, or put to digital use, you are likely to turn to a document scanner. However, did you know that there is so much more to this simple function than just replicating a sheet of paper?

We’ve detailed just three of these clever operations which we think cement the place of the document scanner in your office. 

Document scanner wins

Increased ROI

To be fair, a scanner isn’t going to be the most expensive piece of equipment in your office. But even so, it’s going to:

  • Reduce filing and storage fees

  • Improve customer service through 

    • Quick access to customer information

    • Securely saving and protecting data

    • Compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Improve access to information saving dozens of man-hours hunting through dusty boxes and refiling once done.

We’re sure you’ll know of other ways that a document scanner makes up for its initial cost.

Accurate records

Throwing a document through a scanner and saving it as an image takes a few seconds. Yet, the information saved on these records may be critically important at some point. 

Customers may forget having signed for a product or service, one of your team may have made assurances which the customer is now demanding, or we just need a replica of the signed document for legal purposes. Either way, a clear image with all the information unambiguously displayed is an excellent record to keep, digitally secured in the cloud or on your server for as long as you need it.

Multipurpose scanning

Scanning a document as an image and filing it away is one thing, but today’s document scanners are a little smarter than their older counterparts. 

Some scanners and their associated software offer the added benefit of converting an analogue document into several other formats. For example:

  • Optical character recognition can convert a scanned document into a usable Word document without having to retype the entire thing. 

  • Intelligent character recognition can convert hand-written notes into digital characters. 

  • Documents can be saved as a free-form document which creates a document with searchable text as opposed to a non-searchable image.

  • Some software has been programmed to read certain zones or boxes looking for information such as invoice numbers, checkboxes, or user-completed information. 


If you’re in the market for a document scanner, then you’re in the right place. Chat with one of the Mail Mech team today for all your office automation needs. 

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Faster Mail Sorting Makes Business Sense

While many businesses are moving toward electronic communications and cloud computing, paper mail is still very much a requirement for certain businesses. 

Invoices, bank statements, medical and financial communication, and salary slips will find themselves printed and posted daily as a necessary requirement for many. Special offers and promotional messaging will run the same course, as will flyers, brochures, parcels and bulky mail items. 

This means that you want the fastest and most accurate automated system available to process this plethora of paper. 

Neopost Mail Sorting Machines

One of the best in the business, Neopost mail sorting systems offer a flexible and user-friendly solution to bulk mail. 

Here’s what that looks like:

  • High-capacity envelope feeder

  • Automated mixed mail input

  • Hand feeder option for thicker items or parcels 

  • Optical barcode reading

  • Optical character reading for handwritten text 

  • Accurate printing on all envelope sizes for outgoing mail

  • Modular design with multiple sort bins

  • Dynamic scale

  • Various sorting options

    • By weight

    • By destination

Customer communication in bulk simply must be an automated function in today’s business. Who has the time or the inclination to spend days doing what a mail sorter can to in seconds?

Whether your business is mail delivery, re-mailing, internal consolidation, or essentially anything related to sending and receiving bulk mail, then the solution is right here. Weigh, sort, and distribute with the press of a button on a magical system which requires just one operator and will offer up statistical reports on all processes.

What’s not to love?

Neopost has several size and system options depending on your needs, and the Mailmech team will be happy to talk you through the pros and cons of each one.

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Business Card Dos and Don’ts

Do you still make use of a business card? Many people do, even though there seems to be a hundred other ways to exchange information.

If you still make use of a business card and you’re thinking of a redesign, or you’ve changed jobs, then why not have a quick scan of the current business card etiquette and make sure your new cards are perfect.

Business Card Business

Do these things

Far from just being a way for people to remember your name, a business card serves several functions. It should tell the recipient:

  • Who you are
  • What your position is in the company
  • Your company name
  • Your contact details including:
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Website address
    • Social media handles

The design and presentation of your card say much about you and your business, so it’s certainly worth spending some time making sure it’s perfect. 

Don’t be afraid of white space. A clean design is a good design.

Use both sides of the card. Business card design is a chance to get creative and be a little different.

Business card don’ts

These may seem like no-brainers, but you’ll be surprised to see how many of these no-no’s are still commonplace.

  • Old information. Have you crossed out the phone number and handwritten another one in? Yeh, don’t do that.
  • Illegible print. Flowery fonts and interesting colour choices are all good and well, but if you can’t read them then the point of your business card is lost.
  • Off-brand. Do your cards represent your company branding? Or has your printing company gone off on a bit of a tangent?
  • Too much information. You don’t need your personal mission statement on your business card along with everything people may (or may not) want to know about you. Keep it simple.
  • Cheap card. If you have chosen a cheap and nasty card weight, then you can’t expect to hook the big fish during your networking meeting. Fact.

No one knows how much longer the business card will be around, but while it is, make sure that yours speaks for you when you aren’t there. 

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The Glorious Glue Fold Machine

In the wonderful world of automation, the glue fold machine is an exceptionally clever piece of equipment. We know that the days of manually filling and stamping envelopes is a thing of the distant past, but somehow, we’re still fascinated with the speed and versatility of the glue fold machine.

What does a glue fold machine do?

As indicated by its name, the glue folder machine is a mechanised folding and gluing system. Taking an innocuous sheet of paper, this smart machine pulls a printed sheet, folds it in several variations, applies glue to seal it, and can quickly perforate it if required. It can also be used as a simple folding machine if the need arises.

Whether you need to print one side and conceal it in a C-fold, or you need to print on two sides and fold it into six concealed panels, the choices are endless.

It really is a wonderful way to reduce mailing costs while still ensuring secure, quality communication with your customers. 

Who needs a glue fold machine?

The process of glue folding is primarily used for security purposes and serves to keep confidential documents safe from prying eyes. Not only are they securely printed and sealed on site but are tamper-proof and recipients can quickly see if anyone has tried to take a sneak peek at their mail.

These are ideal for personal documents such as:

  • Tax notifications
  • Bank statements
  • Invoices
  • Salary slips

However, the speed and versatility of the glue fold machine makes it a great choice for other paper mail items. These could include:

  • Sales or promotional mail
  • Notices
  • Appointments
  • Order forms
  • Letters
  • Advice slips

If you’re still licking and sticking, please get in touch with the Mailmech team. We can help you to choose the best glue fold machine for your business. 

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5 Tips to Creating a Great Email Newsletter

If you’ve been more of a paper mail sort of company and you’re thinking of making the move to digital communications, then you’re probably considering a regular newsletter.  A monthly or weekly email to your clients with interesting updates, topical information, or special offers is a great way to stay front of mind. 

But with the flood of spam, news, views, and clickbait, how can you create an email newsletter that is going to get read?

The Foundation of a Great Email Newsletter

While there is tons of information on the web to guide you in creating the best ever newsletter, we’ve found five points which are a great place to start.

Why are you sending a newsletter?

If you want your readers to feel like they’re getting something of value, then you need to unpack why you are sending this mail and what your goal is.  

Are you highlighting special offers? Are you offering useful information to educate them? Whatever your reason for sending your email, make sure that it’s relevant to the recipient, exciting and easy to read.


Ideally, our messages should be less self-promoting and more educational. That is, of course, unless we are sending special offers. 

We want to offer something useful to our readers, and not just tell them to buy.

Focus on headlines

How many of us either delete or open an email based purely on the headline? The headline carries a heavy burden of responsibility for the success or failure of a campaign, and care needs to be given to creating an emotive and exciting opener. 

Have a single call to action 

We know that we don’t have much time to hold our reader’s attention, so making your message short and snappy with a single call to action is a great idea.

What do you want them to do? Book a call? Go to your product page? Whatever it is, make sure it’s clear and unambiguous.

Be concise

We are flooded with messages daily, and we tend to automatically filter out what is important and what is not. An email with short sentences, bullet points, and powerful imagery will fare better than a wall of text. 

Do you need help with your emails, mail security, or bulk mailing systems? Chat with our team now.

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3 Things You Never Knew Could Go into a Shredder

As much as we would like to be living in the age of the paperless office, the printing of documents is still necessary for several reasons. This, coupled with the crackdown on data protection and the stringent requirements which have been implemented, means a shredder is a vital piece of office equipment.

However, have you ever asked yourself, “What can actually go into a shredder?”

More than you think. 

What can go into a shredder?


Obviously, paper. 

Things like payslips, client files, contact lists, confidential company planning documents, staff records, and financial information should be shredded as soon as it is no longer required. This makes a shredder in both the HR and the Finance department a must-have.

Did you know, though, that some of the more robust shredders can handle more than just paper?

For example, the Kobra Cyclone is a beast of a machine, making short work of up to 500 sheets of paper at a time. It can also easily cardboard or boxes without a hiccup. 


One of the best things about using a shredder is that the waste can be handled by recycling companies and put to good use – plastic being a significant waste product.

Therefore, plastic bottles, credit cards, and old plastic bound documents can be thrown in and dealt with responsibly. 


The day of the CD is almost over, having been replaced with access to the cloud and tiny, handy memory sticks which can hold enormous amounts of information. So, what do we do with those CDs or DVDs which may contain company or client data? 

We shred them of course. 

If you have been looking for an office shredder which can handle everything mentioned above, then we’d like to invite you to chat with the Mailmech team. We have a range of shredders which can handle everything but the kitchen sink.

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Paper Saving Tips: To Print Or Not To Print

Historically in the business world, paper was used in vast quantities. Prints were made without thinking twice and letters or memos were written and left on desks with reminders for fellow colleagues. But as this is no longer the case, we are continuously looking for paper saving tips.

In the modern office, everyone is looking at ways to become more eco-friendly, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to cut down on paper usage. 

Paper Saving Tips

There are many ways to paper-saving tips that you can implement in the workplace, and some are so simple. You will be surprised at how quickly your business can save paper, and money with these few handy tips

  • Print on both sides of the paper. Such a simple tip, but it will cut your paper usage down by half on the items that are essential to print
  • Store information and documents electronically. The use of digital storage is a great paper saving tip, and also saves you physical space. Rather use external hard drives or explore cloud data storage.
  • Re-use scrap paper. Printed a document by mistake or discovered errors? Re-use this paper as scrap to write your notes or messages instead of buying note paper or desktop calendars. 
  • Use emails. When communicating with colleagues or customers, opt for email. Everything can be sent digitally whether it is an advert for specials, a reminder for a meeting or a business contract
  • opt for digital signature and stamps. These are extremely easy to create and are a huge paper saving tip. They also save time as there is no need to wait for documents to print before signing or stamping them
  • Recycle. If there are documents that must be printed, make sure that once they are ready to be thrown away there is an option to recycle them instead of just tossing them into the bin.

For all things print and mail-related, chat with the Mailmech team.

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Where do Postage Stamps Come From?

While our Millennials and Gen Zers won’t be too familiar with the humble postage stamp, those of us old enough to know what they’re all about may have wondered where the idea came from in the first place.

Paper mail may not be as prevalent as it once was, and many companies now make use of franking machines as opposed to a lick ‘n stick postage stamp, but there are still plenty around and they have a fascinating history.

The Humble Postage Stamp

Postage stamps date back to the middle of 1840 when the Penny Black was introduced to the British public, closely followed by the two-penny blue. The stamps were not the easy-tear perforated type that we enjoy today but were altogether in a sheet and needed to be separated with scissors.

UK stamps right down to this day, do not have any details of the issuing country, rather, they are identified by the reigning monarch of the time.

Before prepaid stamps were the norm, ink and hand stamps were used to frank the letters and verify that postage had been paid. Prepaid stamps, however, were a much easier way of paying for postage which increased the number of letters from around 76 million per year to around 350 million letters just five years later.

Philately or the collection of postage stamps has been a popular hobby for many over the years. The variation in size, shape, colour and image has rendered some of these utilitarian squares o paper quite beautiful and highly collectable. Many stamps are created as a showpiece for a political movement, a major sporting or social event, or to highlight the issuing country’s ruling party.

Over the years, many rare stamps have racked up a surprising value for collectors. The most valuable stamp in the world is said to be a low-quality magenta rectangle with snipped off corners issued by British Guiana in 1856 with a fuzzy image of a ship and the words “Damus Petimus que Vicissim” (We give and we seek in return) printed on it. Worth a staggering $9,480,000.00 at the last count, this is truly a collectors’ item.

As part of the human technical evolution, postage stamps have a wonderfully interesting history, don’t you agree?

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Creating a Professional Booklet is Easy

We may live in a digital era, but there is still room for printing beautiful and professional booklets in the business world. Whether you need a few items printed and bound for a training session, an annual meeting or just for an updated health and safety manual, creating a professional booklet can be a simple and fun task.

Tips for a professional booklet

Choose a theme

A professional-looking booklet will have a theme in terms of colour, font and imagery which runs from the front page to the back and helps to tie the information together.

This cohesion is important, and when chosen at the beginning of your project, helps to build an attractive and easy-to-follow booklet.


Images serve to break up walls of text and create interest in a booklet. They also help to illustrate a thought or inject an emotional element to the pages. Whatever your choice of imagery, be sure to maintain a similar look and feel throughout; for example, loading all images with a sepia tone, or in black and white.

White space

White space is the area around the text and imagery. This space ensures that your pages aren’t too cluttered, that the eye has time to rest and absorb what’s there, and also helps to make key points stand out on their own.

Engaging text

In order to make your main points stand out, you can use a variety of colour, text or text colour. An engaging message is enhanced with a striking background, and even changing the weight or spacing of your font for uniformity can work in a booklet.

Once you’ve set up your masterpiece, it’s a simple thing to print it out and create a beautiful, professional booklet.

If you’d like to know more about booklet making machines, printers, copiers or franking machines for your office, please feel free to contact the team at Mailmech – we’ve got everything you need.

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3 Ways to Be Productive When Working Remotely

Have you been hustled away from the office and find yourself working from home at your kitchen table? Yes, many of us are now working remotely, and for those who are used to the routine of office life this can come as something of a challenge.

How can we be productive and stay focused when working remotely? We’ve got a few thoughts to share.

Set a Schedule

Even if you have the flexibility to set your own hours, a schedule will be beneficial to you. For most of us, getting up and prepped for the day as if we were going to the office puts our brain and body in the right space. If you’re an early bird and prefer to start work before the family wakes up, then that’s great. A night owl will likely get a later start but burn the midnight oil.

Whatever your preference, setting and sticking to a schedule ensures that you are getting your hours in and not letting the team down. It also means that you will have the time set aside to be focused on the tasks at hand, as opposed to being distracted by laundry, Facebook or home chores.

If possible, schedule your meetings so that they run back-to-back, and you don’t waste valuable time in between. Schedule time for lunch and a team catch-up if necessary.

Move Around

It’s too easy to get wrapped up in work and forget that lunch time has rolled around. Set a timer for every 40-minutes which allows you to stretch your legs, grab a coffee and go for a short walk around the garden to get your eyes away from a screen for a bit.

Sitting in front of a computer all day will certainly damage your eyesight, your neck and back will suffer and you may find that you are putting on weight.

Getting a few lungfuls of fresh air as you walk about offers an instant mood boost and allows you to focus better once you’ve returned to your desk.

Get Social

Working remotely can make us feel isolated and alone, which can lead to depression. Make time to chat with your teammates if appropriate, and schedule regular video calls to friends and family to stay connected.

If you can safely leave the house to go for a walk in the park with a friend or similar, then do so. Your company can’t expect you to be available from 7am to 6pm without a keyboard break. Set up a Do Not Disturb message and spend some face time with other people.

Indeed, this time of change is not easy for any of us, but we at Mailmech would like to encourage you all to stay safe at home and let us know if you need assistance in your remote office.



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