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Why Is A Professional Image So Important

First impression sayings abound and not without good reason. We say; ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but of course, we do! Naturally. We say; ‘first impressions don’t last’, but they do, don’t they? So, face it and get yourself into gear regarding your branding and hold a candle to your own corporate identity, your professional image.

Baby steps to build a professional image

There’s nothing wrong with small steps as long as they’re in the right direction. Nothing could be easier than acquiring a laminator for your office for example. Even if your office is at home and you’re making cupcakes for a living, being able to laminate cards or putting up your own laminated posters in strategic places telling people what you do and how to contact you is smart thinking.

Brochures and booklets

If your business lends itself, and there’s always place in the market for informational advertising, getting yourself a little booklet making machine could even equip you as a booklet making enterprise, or at least know where to have booklets made that feature your corporate ID. Getting your products out there in booklet form makes it easy for customers to get an idea of what you have to offer.

Franking sense

Franking machines ‘stamp’ your mail with postal address information but even mid-range machines have a slogan block to insert your company logo. Your professional image will stand out in the minds of all if you inserted a business message in the slogan space on your correspondence. Is that free advertising or what?
One saying is true – “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression”, so see to what’s important though not urgent, and let your professional image speak volumes for you even when you’re not around.
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