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All about mailing machines

What are mailing machines? They are definitely a machine that you need if you want your business to grow and progress further. Mailing machines are the ultimate machine, as they combine everything that is involved in the mailing process. They can fold envelopes, seal them, and also print company logos onto envelopes. They are great when it comes to running your mail room efficiently and sending out lots of letters at the beginning and end of every month. If you are a company that relies on your postal services, then you should definitely get yourself one of these nifty machines.

There are of course different types of mailing machines, each one designed to take a different type of volume. In order for you to make an informed decision, you need to make sure that you know what types of mailing machines are available to you and how they work.

The different types of mailing machines 

The low volume products are best for small, but growing offices. If you get one of these, chances are you have a decent amount of mail to send out, but not too much.

  • The WJ20. This machine is perfect for a smaller office. It can process up to twenty envelopes per minute and print your logo, or images from eight standard dies, or two custom messages next to your postage. It can also track your postage value usage and has PIN protected access.
  • The IM330. This machine is also perfect for smaller operations as it rates, weighs and tracks your mail, all in one. It can process up to 35 envelopes per minute, including printing.

The medium volume products are good for use in offices that are already established, but do not have massive volumes of mail to send out.

  • The IN600 HF. This is a great machine for processing medium loads. It processes 75 letters per minute and has a power assisted feeder with a moistener, which means that it will seal your envelopes to perfection.
  • The IN700. This is part of the latest generation of mailing machines and is one of the most exceptional ones to date. This mailing machine is super-fast and has a processing speed of 175 envelopes per minute. It is useful for businesses that are on their way to becoming major players.

The high volume mailing machines are more suited toward companies that are already operating large mail rooms and need their mail sent out in bulk.

  • The WJPRO. This is the mail machine to end all mailing machines. It has a processing speed of up to 15000 letters per hour. It also has a mechanism that prevents it from jamming at unnecessary times. It employs an ink saving technology as well, meaning that you will save costs on your mail processing.

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