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How letter openers work

How do letter openers work? If you are in big business, chances are, you will have to open a lot of letters at once. There is no reason why you should leave this task to your workforce, rather let them get on with something productive, and let a mechanised letter opener do the work for you. If you are wondering how the manual letter opener work though, it is fairly simple. They are shaped a lot like daggers and all your do is insert them underneath the corner of the fold side of the envelope. Simply apply pressure in an upwards motion, so that you can successfully slice through the folded edge of the letter and in that way open the letter cleanly. Most of the letter openers that you get today, do the same thing as it has been proven that this is the most effective way to handle this type of operation.

So what has changed? Well the need for letters to be opened faster has definitely escalated, as has the need for faster operating machinery in most modern workplaces. Most modern letter opener’s work by means of sliding the letter edge straight through them and slicing it off. This leaves the letter to be opened. A really good letter opener will be babel to accept most sized envelopes. There will also be an automatic on and off function, just to that the blades are not kept running when there are no letters to process through the opener. These letter openers can also process stacks of envelopes, provided they are about an inch high. This means that they have processing power of up to three thousand letters an hour. This is very high volume and if you have a business that operates at this volume, you should be able to make excellent use of an automatic letter opener.

In order for the letter opener to be safe, you should make sure that you invest in one with a rubber underside. This means that it will not skid while it is busy opening letters. This makes it a very safe tool to have in your workplace and to let your workers use. The blades of this letter opener are also enclosed, so they do not pose a safety hazard to anyone who is busy using it.

Making sure that you find quality

The one thing that you should do is to make sure that you buy quality letter openers. If you do not, you face having baldy opened, jagged edged letters, which are neither professional looking, nor are they very good for your documents. You run the risk of slicing your documents if you do not get a sharp letter opener that can make small, precise cuts.

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