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Inserting machines: What are they?

What are inserting machines? Also known as folder/inserters, these machines are machines that help you to fold and insert your documents into envelopes. So why use one? Well, for a start, they are much faster than human hands, so if you need a lot of mail folded and expedited, then you will find yourself very pleased with a folder inserter machine. The quality of your machine folded mail will also be very much higher than that of manually folded mail. The fold lines will be crisp and accurate and the documents will also always be folded to the exact size specifications.

The basic function of the inserter machine is to put your document into the envelope and seal the envelope shut. There are of course very many reasons besides it being fast and efficient, as to why you would want one of these machines. Of course the most pressing one is the fact that you will not have to deal with having your mail delayed. You will also be able to put your envelopes into a mailing machine and have them automatically sealed, which makes the process easier.

The different types of inserting machines  

There are many different types of folder inserter machines that suit different levels of business. For the lower volume or smaller offices and mail centres, there are these options.

  • The M1500. This is one of the best document inserters that there is. It is perfect for the lower volume use. It is best used for doing things such as sending out daily invoices as well as important documents. Its semi-automatic system ensures for the very best quality in insertions.
  • The M3300. This is another folder inserter that will make sure that you never have to manually insert another document into an envelope again. This machine can insert five documents in a single pass, making it one of the most efficient machines out there. It also has an automatic setting, meaning you programme it and then leave it be. It is about 20 times faster than manual processing, meaning that you will never miss a mail send out day ever again.

There are also some medium volume folder inserters that are useful for growing offices.

  • The PS160. While this can also be considered a high volume machine, one of its most important actions is the fact that it can be used for processing a wide range of documents. It’s a bit like an all in one. It can be used for invoices, letters, payroll slips and much more. Almost every medium to large office needs one of these.

When you are shopping around for the perfect folder inserter, make sure that you go to the company that has the best brands in the business. Here at Mailing Mechanisation, we are dedicated to providing you with quality systems as well as machines for your offices and mail rooms. For more info visit

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