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E-mail solutions that will work for your business

Technology is there to make the running and communication of your business faster and more efficient. Fax machines served their purpose in the day but face it – it was a very slow way of communicating! With the advent of e-mail, business communication has stepped up as your communication channels are much more advanced and messages are delivered at a quicker pace. The best part about e-mail? You don’t need to sit in front of your desk waiting for them, your e-mails can be accessed on your phone! Finding the right e-mail solutions for your business is easy.

There are a number of different email hosting companies that claim to be able to provide you with the best email solutions. In order to narrow down your search and get the best one for your company you need to look for the following:

  • Secure messaging gateway: emails are more often than not filled with information that should remain private. Not having a secure messaging gateway can cause problems which could result in your privacy being compromised. This gateway will provide you with industry standard encryption methods as well as authentication.
  • Comprehensive tracking, reporting and monitoring: you need to know that your email has in fact reached its destination, especially with important documentation. An easy email solution to that is providing your email with all the necessary notifications. This includes knowing whether the email has been delivered or if it is waiting delivery. You should also be able to view whether there is an error status and if the email has been opened by the recipient.
  • Rich email formats: there are different types of email formats, some that are better than others. You need one that will provide you with the standard email body that comes inclusive of attachments, interactive, dynamic HTML email format and click through tracking.

Let technology work for you, not against you

E-mail is not the only way in which you can communicate with your clients. Letters are still a perfectly acceptable form of communication and in some cases can be the only way to receive private documentation. You can make sure that your letters arrive at the correct destination and stay completely sealed by purchasing two great machines. Address printers and pressure sealing machines will ensure that everything runs smoothly. The address printer will print addresses on envelopes perfectly every time. The pressure sealing machine will make sure that your document is sealed closed making it completely private.

Mail Mech is the company to choose for your business communication solutions. Mail Mech will make sure that your business communications are secure at all times. From e-mails to posting, Mail Mech will provide you with just the right communication tools. To find out more about what Mail Mech have on offer, visit their website

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