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3 Ways to Be Productive When Working Remotely

Have you been hustled away from the office and find yourself working from home at your kitchen table? Yes, many of us are now working remotely, and for those who are used to the routine of office life this can come as something of a challenge.

How can we be productive and stay focused when working remotely? We’ve got a few thoughts to share.

Set a Schedule

Even if you have the flexibility to set your own hours, a schedule will be beneficial to you. For most of us, getting up and prepped for the day as if we were going to the office puts our brain and body in the right space. If you’re an early bird and prefer to start work before the family wakes up, then that’s great. A night owl will likely get a later start but burn the midnight oil.

Whatever your preference, setting and sticking to a schedule ensures that you are getting your hours in and not letting the team down. It also means that you will have the time set aside to be focused on the tasks at hand, as opposed to being distracted by laundry, Facebook or home chores.

If possible, schedule your meetings so that they run back-to-back, and you don’t waste valuable time in between. Schedule time for lunch and a team catch-up if necessary.

Move Around

It’s too easy to get wrapped up in work and forget that lunch time has rolled around. Set a timer for every 40-minutes which allows you to stretch your legs, grab a coffee and go for a short walk around the garden to get your eyes away from a screen for a bit.

Sitting in front of a computer all day will certainly damage your eyesight, your neck and back will suffer and you may find that you are putting on weight.

Getting a few lungfuls of fresh air as you walk about offers an instant mood boost and allows you to focus better once you’ve returned to your desk.

Get Social

Working remotely can make us feel isolated and alone, which can lead to depression. Make time to chat with your teammates if appropriate, and schedule regular video calls to friends and family to stay connected.

If you can safely leave the house to go for a walk in the park with a friend or similar, then do so. Your company can’t expect you to be available from 7am to 6pm without a keyboard break. Set up a Do Not Disturb message and spend some face time with other people.

Indeed, this time of change is not easy for any of us, but we at Mailmech would like to encourage you all to stay safe at home and let us know if you need assistance in your remote office.



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