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3 Unexpected Advantages of a Letter Opener

Every business is always looking to save time and money, as well as improving the services they offer their customers. If your business receives a lot of mail, then investing in a letter opener is the way to go.

While manually sorting mail may seem like a cheaper solution, in the long run, this will not be the case. Instead, you will find that you will quickly get your money’s worth out of a letter opener.

Improving Productivity

Easy to use and reliable, letter openers can help improve the productivity of your business. There is no longer any need to pre-sort mail, as envelopes of all different sizes can be handled and opened. Because they are simple to use, there is no longer any need for dedicated mail operators. Instead, staff can use their time to focus on other tasks which offer more productivity to the business.

Mail Management

By taking away the manual aspect of a mailroom, your systems become flexible and more versatile. Letter openers combine leading digital imaging with high-performance opening and extracting, and they also offer the technology to improve the archiving and processing of your mail.

There are also no restrictions or delays due to pre-sorting mail, and all envelope formats can be processed. This also means that important mail can get to its destination sooner. By improving the efficiency of your systems, you ensure that there are no delays in getting back to customer queries, improving your customer relations as well as your productivity

Safety of Valuables

Human error is always present in manual systems, and by using automated systems you ensure the safety of valuables and documentation. Many systems have anti-jamming devices that make short work of staples and paperclips, and paperwork is safer without any sharp edges.

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