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3 Hidden Talents of the Humble Document Scanner

When faced with a paper document which we need to store, send, or put to digital use, you are likely to turn to a document scanner. However, did you know that there is so much more to this simple function than just replicating a sheet of paper?

We’ve detailed just three of these clever operations which we think cement the place of the document scanner in your office. 

Document scanner wins

Increased ROI

To be fair, a scanner isn’t going to be the most expensive piece of equipment in your office. But even so, it’s going to:

  • Reduce filing and storage fees

  • Improve customer service through 

    • Quick access to customer information

    • Securely saving and protecting data

    • Compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Improve access to information saving dozens of man-hours hunting through dusty boxes and refiling once done.

We’re sure you’ll know of other ways that a document scanner makes up for its initial cost.

Accurate records

Throwing a document through a scanner and saving it as an image takes a few seconds. Yet, the information saved on these records may be critically important at some point. 

Customers may forget having signed for a product or service, one of your team may have made assurances which the customer is now demanding, or we just need a replica of the signed document for legal purposes. Either way, a clear image with all the information unambiguously displayed is an excellent record to keep, digitally secured in the cloud or on your server for as long as you need it.

Multipurpose scanning

Scanning a document as an image and filing it away is one thing, but today’s document scanners are a little smarter than their older counterparts. 

Some scanners and their associated software offer the added benefit of converting an analogue document into several other formats. For example:

  • Optical character recognition can convert a scanned document into a usable Word document without having to retype the entire thing. 

  • Intelligent character recognition can convert hand-written notes into digital characters. 

  • Documents can be saved as a free-form document which creates a document with searchable text as opposed to a non-searchable image.

  • Some software has been programmed to read certain zones or boxes looking for information such as invoice numbers, checkboxes, or user-completed information. 


If you’re in the market for a document scanner, then you’re in the right place. Chat with one of the Mail Mech team today for all your office automation needs. 

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