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3 Exciting Brochure Design Trends in 2021

While the internet has certainly reduced the need for physical company brochures, there is still a space for these smart and useful documents.

Brochure design trends, as with most business needs, continue to shift with the ongoing need to remain front of mind. Indeed, if you’re designing a brochure for your company, especially for sales, it needs to be current, clever, and striking.

Brochure Design Trends 2021

Business brochures with walls of text and “interesting company information” are definitely a thing of the past. Today’s market needs something that will capture their attention and give them the information that they need, quickly.

Use of Colour

An austere black, white, and grey corporate image may be who you are, but it’s not going to get you noticed in a crowd.

Many designers are making use of bold colour choices as a background for their message. Gradients are replacing solid colours to add movement and interest while mixing up non-traditional textures for an arresting overall feel.

Breaking the Mold

There are only so many designs that can be achieved when designers follow the tried and tested formulae from yesteryear.

You will likely see imagery and font positioning that you’re not used to, and a variety of experimental layouts. Some businesses are moving away from square and rectangular brochures and opting for triangular or circular choices instead.

Imagery with a Twist

Stock photos have their place in marketing and design, but with so much out there, we’ve probably seen the same picture in a hundred places.

Smart businesses are shifting away from the norm and making use of bespoke illustrations, off-the-wall photography, or unusual picture choices to capture the attention of their readers.

Whatever your choice of brochure design, just remember that the reader needs to come away with a clear message and know what to do next.

Your company brochure is a wonderful tool that can speak for you when you’re not there. Keep it simple, striking, and engaging.

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