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When Would I Use a Document Binder in My Office?

While we all strive toward a paperless office, the fact is that there are still many items that need to be printed and stored. From client proposals to health and safety documentation, there is currently no electronic work-around. In these instances, document binders are an excellent go-to option to keep things tidy.

Document Binders – What Are My Options?

Comb Binding

Probably one of the most popular ways of binding documents, comb binding requires a simple machine which punches and binds in one easy step. These booklets are great for training manuals or for presentations, as they open flat and are easy to write on or to copy if necessary.

Coil / Spiral Binding

Another great option for professional-looking, robust documents. As with comb binding, they have the benefit of folding back on themselves for easy access. Most coils are made from a soft metal as opposed to the plastic of a comb binder, so coil binding is a good option if your documents are going to see a lot of use.

Perfect Binding & Saddle Stitching

Perfect binding is what you’ll commonly see on paperbacks and is the gold standard for professional outgoing documentation – although also the most expensive.

Saddle stitching is not easily done in-house and involves stapling of loose-leaf papers down the middle. Depending on the quality of work, it can be an option for training presentations, but not ideal for external documentation.

How Useful is an In-house Document Binder?

A professional company will be producing documents such as tax returns, business plans, handbooks, company overviews, proposals, presentations and training manuals. Whether it’s for your own use or for your valuable clients, having a sleek and robust bound document to present is always going to be a winner.

Whatever your preference, we at Mail Mech have an option that will suit your exact needs and offer them at an excellent price. Take a scroll through our popular office automation and give us a call today.

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