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Top 5 Tips for Professional Business Brochure Design

Some businesses have websites to showcase their products and services, but some prefer to use beautiful brochures to lure their audience. There are benefits to both, obviously, but when it comes to brochure design, too many businesses leave it up to the admin clerk to “put something together” – which isn’t always the best idea.

We’d like to offer our top five tips for a great brochure design to ensure that you promote the best possible business personality.

Tip One – Who Are You Talking To?

Your design, font and colour choice will all hinge on your audience – well, at least, it should. Is your audience elderly? Then a simple, traditional layout with contrasting colours and a bold font for easy readability is the way to go. If you’re targeting millennials, then you can let loose with your choice of colours and fonts and include some engaging imagery to boot.

Tip Two – Don’t Tell Them Everything

You may be tempted to include all the information that they could possibly need in your business brochure. Don’t do it. A promotional brochure has a different function to a white paper, and people will simply not be keen to read countless tiny paragraphs of text on the history of your company. Make it relevant and ensure that they have a go-to place if they need more info.

Tip Three – Don’t be Afraid of White Space

The correct use of white space allows the eye to follow a natural path, it makes a brochure easy to read and removes the feeling of clutter. Relevant images with attractive and simple borders, colour blocks, wide paragraph spacing, and edges all add to a professional and striking finish.

Tip Four – Proofread!

There is very little more off-putting than grammar or spelling errors in what ought to be a professional piece of literature. Even the smallest error will stand out and make you look like a dilettante. Get as many eyes on the business brochure as you can before going to print.

Tip Five – Tell Them What to do Next

Your brochure has been printed for a reason – what is it? Do you want to drive traffic to your brick and mortar store? Are you boosting online traffic to your site? Are you promoting a particular product? If your audience is interested in what your brochure says, then you need a strong call to action to let them know what to do next. Give them easy directions to your shop with your opening times and perhaps the name of the person to speak to. Either way, directing your audience to their next step is a vital part of your brochure design.

All you need now to send this beautifully designed brochure to your printer and then to your folding machine for a professional finish!

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