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The Rise of Remote Working – Can It Work For You?

Office culture has experienced something of a pendulum effect over the last few years. Businesses have put workers into cubicles with senior staff in glass offices; some have tried a more socialist movement with everyone from mailroom clerk to CEO in an open plan environment, and others say that remote working is the future.

The jury is out on what office layout works best, and we think that it depends largely on your industry and culture anyway. What does interest us, however, is the number of employees who are able to, and who want to work from home.

Is remote working feasible?

The Pros of Remote Working

As office automation professionals, we know what tools are available to make life easier in the traditional office environment. But we’ve also discovered that technical advances have made it possible for remote workers to access these same systems with the same ease as if they were sitting next to the equipment.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) allow secure access to the company network from anywhere in the world. This is awesome news for remote workers who can print letters, payslips, envelopes and project sheets for their team while they pop the laundry on at home.

Email, Skype and a plethora of instant messaging platforms made communication a cinch, and if all else fails we can still just pick up the phone.

The cost of shuttling back and forth from the office in terms of time, fuel and vehicle expenses and the toll it takes on our mental health is something of the past when your office is simply down the hall.

If your work requires a level of concentration (whose doesn’t really?) then an open plan office can be a bit of a problem with phones and voices constantly pulling at your focus. A quiet home office with a glass of ice water and a closed door is the perfect place to get on with the important stuff.

Which do you prefer?

While the peace and quiet of remote working sounds heavenly to some, especially knowing that they still have access to the tools that they need in the office, others love the social element and the collaboration that a traditional office brings. Whatever your decision, rest assured that Mailmech is here to take care of your office automation for remotes workers and the office stalwarts.


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