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The Copier

Widely used across all industries, photocopying is something we do almost daily without giving it a second thought. Most home and offices have at least one photocopy machine, and it is used regularly without a second thought. But what happened before there were photocopy machines, and how has the technology developed over the years?

The Original

Before the conception of the first photocopy machine over 60 years ago, copies were made by using carbon paper and manual duplicating machines. Due to the fact that paperwork was not generated in the amounts that we see today, businesses were happy to make their small amounts of copies this way. But as industries grew, copying multiple documents by hand became less appealing, and the idea of easier and faster photocopying and photocopy machines grew more favourable and in the late 1940’s the first photocopy machine came into existence. 


Photocopying has come a long way since the original basic machines, and is utilised across many different forums, from homes to business and across all industries. Black and white, colour and everything in between can be done with the touch of a button, and at high speed. 

Many new copy machines work with a digital technology, with laser scanning and printing. This allows for automatically enhanced images, emailing of documents directly from the machines and large storage memories. These features are not confined to high end printers, and even your home office photocopying can be done with this kind of technology.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to modern day photocopying. Especially if you have your own copy machine at home, making copies is quick, easy and cost effective. They mean that you do not have to rush out to the local copy shop before it closes, and when it comes to photocopying, convenience is the biggest benefits to having a photocopy machine. 


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