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The Benefits of Regular Email Archiving

Email is still big as a method of communication in business and approximately 75% of a company’s intellectual property is stored in user’s mailboxes. Companies that do not have an archiving mail solution can experience huge productivity losses when users have to search through emails or use their mailbox as a task list. Not to mention that it can be a legal requirement that businesses store and keep email records for at least 5 years.

Firstly, it’s important to note the distinction between email archiving and email back-up.

An email archive is a historical reference that exists outside of the backup cycle and is retained for indefinite periods. Archiving mail requires highly durable and high-performance storage media as data authenticity is of primary concern. An email archive is particularly necessary for organisations with many mailboxes as it allows a virtual paper trail for discovery or other litigation proceedings.  

An email backup creates a backup image of the entire mail system so that recovery to ‘it’s previously stored state’ is possible in the event of a computer or server crash.

Archiving mail regularly helps businesses breathe a little easier with the knowledge that valuable communications remain safe and are easily accessible when needed.

Top Benefits of Archiving Mail:

Increased user productivity – immediate access to all emails ever sent and received

Freedom from creating personal folders

An unlimited user mailbox – eliminates user mailbox quotas

Increased data security

Decreased load on the mail server

Improved email desktop client speeds

Data loss protection and data recovery

Automatic backup of all email communications

Accelerates email backup times

Automatic backup of all contacts, calendar items and other relevant data


There are numerous email archiving products available, ranging from services integrated with backup software suites to storage management tools.


While cloud-based services for archiving mail may be an option for midsize businesses as it requires no special software or hardware there may be some reasons for caution, one of them being that the responsibility for managing the archive rests mostly on the user. Additional fees may also be charged for services such as e-discovery sorting or consulting on which regulations apply to your content. Encryption and data residency in cloud-based services, among other things, bear attention as well.

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