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Save Time, Save Money – Office Automation Streamlines Tasks

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency”, said none other than Bill Gates. When you’ve chewed on that piece of brilliance, you’ll agree that automation streamlines office tasks and decides the overall health of any secular operation. Here follow a few areas, some obvious and some not, where streamlining procedures is often overlooked.

Expense slips

Spare a compassionate thought for the bookkeeper who has to sort through myriads of crumpled company expense slips flung in the “Receipts and Reimbursement” tray. It is now possible to get much of that done from employee’s phones while they’re away, directly to the office system. How’s that for smartly streamlining just one office task?

The Boardroom

You know how it goes, there are the notes, the agenda, the brainstorming and you wish could transport the whole jolly lot to your computer. There are apps – Evernote springs to mind, which enable just that. Including audio recording while you’re taking notes, saving photos, websites, adding notes and making checklists, this app is a worthy contender for streamlining office tasks.

The To-Do List

With multiple tasks for multiple people on multiple days, the labyrinthian whiteboards likely drive everyone crazy trying to keep track of things. There are automated project management tools, which free up time and keep tight reigns on what’s still outstanding and what’s done for all to see, halving the admin upkeep. A very overlooked office task streamline mechanism indeed.

The Open Office Scenario

Still controversial but becoming more the status quo, open offices can either contribute or distract from a productive workforce. Statists demonstrate that the main cause of complaint in an open office space is not distractions, or lack of privacy as much as it is physical discomfort! Surprising indeed but true. Here’s where automation comes into its own. Modern technology enables individual comfort, from the control of air conditioning to lifting or lowering blinds and controls even exist that muffle sounds, making voices unintelligible in large spaces.

In short, streamlining office tasks fills the brief and recommendation of the Bill Gates quote above. See how many you

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