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Protecting Your Information 

Archiving: Security And Protecting Your Information 

Over time, all businesses accumulate data. This is why the archiving of data is becoming such a popular choice and archiving security plays a key role in this process. 

Often data must be kept for a period of time before it can be disposed of. But boxes of files and papers take up office space, and digital information can clog up servers and computers. The idea of archiving is to move data that is not in active use into storage. 

This is a cost and space effective way to store data that has importance to a business, for record or compliance reasons. It is also then easily and readily available, should the company call for it for any reason.

However, besides ease of use and good practice, there is another reason to keep your data secure by archiving it.

The Rise Of The Hacker

Our entire lives are online – we wander the internet for hours at a time, we shop and we bank. We input our personal and company details, giving little thought to the dangers of online data archiving. 

Security has improved as internet traffic has grown, but hacking is still on the rise. 

Ways To Protect Yourself and Your Business

Hackers can destroy, steal or change information as they choose, depending on what they want from a business or individual, so make an effort to protect yourself and your business

  • Use smart passwords – include capitals, numbers and symbols when possible 
  • Don’t click on strange or unknown links
  • Double your authentication process such as adding a message linked to your number
  • Never give out information unless you know who you are giving it to

Archiving vs Backing Up

The idea of archiving is to take the older information that still holds importance to the company, and move it onto a separate device for storage. Archiving security is essential as there will often be sensitive information amongst this data. Archived data is easy to access and readily available. 

On the other hand, the backing up of data is a process to protect the company should data become corrupted, destroyed or go missing for any reason. Often, less information is backed up than is archived, as backups are kept on site and can take up space.

If you’re not yet securely backing up and archiving your data, then chat with Mailmech who have simple and secure systems in place to help.

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