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Printing Tips to Save You Money

Businesses across South Africa are constantly being told to “tighten their belts” as the fuel price rises, inflation spikes and general everyday living seems to be ridiculously high. But what does this look like on a practical level? We’d like to offer a few money-saving printing tips. Why? Simply because it’s just too easy to click the print button without thinking – but paper, printer cartridges and toner are costly and add up super-fast

Go Paperless

People have been working towards the paperless office for years and many have made great strides in this direction. Try to print less. Can you email it to someone, or perhaps save it in a central location where everyone can access it? Try it, see how much you can save.

Use a Smaller Font

If you must print, try and fit as much as you reasonably can on a page. Obviously, if you are creating a business document for board members or customers then you don’t want to cut corners, but for office use, you can be a little more frugal. Smaller fonts equal less paper and more words for your money.

Print Only What You Need

We often have a document that we pulled from the net or was created with images and fancy borders. Do we really need this? Cut and paste what you need so that you have the text and not ink-guzzling images.

Double Up

From a paper-saving perspective, printing on both sides is a winner. Most printers will have the reverse print option which automatically reverses the paper for you and spits it out the other side. An essential paper-saving tip!

Choose Draft

If you are printing for reference or for another member of staff them choose the draft option to print with. This will use only the black cartridge and uses significantly less ink for documents that are for internal use.

Use MS Word Tools

If you need to review a document, you can do so without printing and writing on it. Use the MS Word review tab to mark changes or create comments which can be very simply emailed back for changes to be made.

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