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No, Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Ask for an address these days and you’re likely to be given an email address. Direct mail, aka snail mail, doesn’t seem to be on the top of the list when it comes to communication tools, does it?

However, many companies are still using direct mail campaigns to drive sales. Are they crazy, or do they just know something that we don’t?

What’s Happening With Direct Mail?

Maybe you sort your mail over the dustbin, but apparently, not everyone does.

Personalised paper mail is still an important marketing tool – this from the Direct Marketing Association in the U.S.  

Let’s see what the numbers say:

  • 39 percent of new customers try a business from a direct mail advert.
  • Over 60 percent of recipients chose to visit a promoted website.
  • 23 percent of direct mail recipients visited a store location.
  • Over 60 percent of people polled said that they enjoy receiving catalogues in the mail.
  • More than 90 percent of direct mail is opened, as opposed to less than 30 percent of emails.
  • 70 percent of consumers preferred to get unsolicited offers via direct mail than over email or other electronic channels.
  • 82 percent of millennials trusted paper ads over digital.



So, if the general public is still happy to receive paper mail in their post box, and they are more likely to respond to it, then perhaps we need a bit of a rethink.


A good direct mail campaign is never thrown together by the receptionist on a Friday afternoon. No, it is a carefully planned and strategic marketing decision which should be executed in a professional manner.


Having the correct tools at your disposal is key. So, whether you plan on printing gorgeous flyers, franking your logo onto your envelopes, or developing a beautiful brochure – we’d like to encourage you to chat to Mailmech. We have everything an office needs to get your message out there.


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