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Make Your Out of Office Reply Work

For most of us, it’s almost that time of year. So close that we can almost taste it! We’re tying up loose ends and doing final updates in the hope of shutting down our computer for the last time for at least a couple of weeks. Yes, the holiday season is upon us! And with this excitement comes the opportunity to craft brilliantly creative out of office replies to entertain in your absence.

The dry old “I am out of the office until <date> but if it’s urgent please contact <name>” is so passé. Remember, you may be an employee but you’re also an individual, and if your company doesn’t have a policy forbidding hilarious and personalised out of office replies then we definitely encourage you to have some fun with yours.   

Out Of Office Replies That Work for You

Why not give a little thought to what people would want from you while you’re away?

If you’re in sales of any kind you know that as soon as a potential lead hits your inbox you are all over it like a rash. So, what do you do if this happens while you’re sunning yourself and reviving your flagging batteries?

What about using your out of office response as an opportunity to sell? A short, quirky message letting them know when you’ll be back can easily be followed by a postscript saying, “If you need a little more information on our ABC product while you’re waiting for my reply, please take a look at this link which will give you a bunch of awesome points to help you make your decision.”

Redirecting them to a blog article or a sales page may just keep them interested until you’ve got your tan sorted.

While on the subject of redirecting, you don’t want to come back to a hornet’s nest of issues that haven’t been attended to. So be sure to give the sender a few options: for example, giving them the direct email address for the accounts department, as well as a direct mobile number for your assistant, offers a workable solution.

People love to deal with people, and we all like a little fun and humour in our working day. For more ideas on hilarious out of office replies take a look at this article from HubSpot.

If you’ve found most of this post to be a little puzzling, then there’s a very good chance that you need help setting up your out of office response, or getting your email sorted in its entirety. Mailmech can help you there – just give us a call.


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