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Let Document Scanning Help You Go Paperless

A request to have documents delivered to one by hand likely sends chills down the spine because it’ll more than likely be a messenger of the court. Even then, today’s lawyers will ask if your divorce certificate can rather be scanned to your email address rather than via hand delivery. The sooner we all fall in line and get savvy with document scanning the sooner we can all go paperless. Here’s why it’s a smart move.

Get Ready for The Future

En route to the utopian paperless society goalpost, documents once stored using microfilm technology have already become redundant and are being reconverted to digital format. From the current digital platform, document scanning and conversion to new formats is a software synch. So, now’s the perfect time, digitally speaking, to step into the 21st Century and beyond. There is no looking back.

Facilitating Disclosure Procedure

Documents needing signatures and filling out becomes a speedier business with electronic documents, which can, in turn, be scanned back within the hour. Tenants needing to meet FICA requirements can readily contact property owners for the appropriate documentation via scanning. Postage delays are a thing of the past and certainly best left there.

Geographical Linkup

So, the boss is in Greece and the deal is about to be finalized. No problem with document scanning. Frankly, even if he was just at the corner cafe on a coffee break, company records can be scanned, modified and uploaded by everyone concerned with the project just using a smartphone. Sleeping partners and remote workers can be swiftly brought up to speed, no matter where they may be in the world.

Saving Time, Saving Money, Increasing Productivity

Gone are the days of searching through files and folders and drawers and storeroom boxes for vital documents. The manpower and the man-hours saved by digitizing the office and going paperless are astounding. Document scanning can be done on a progressive schedule to bring old records into the modern world. Ongoing scanning practice for current documents means all our records are being made safe via backup to remote servers, all but eliminating the old disaster recovery scenarios.

Privacy Policy

What better way could there be to protect and keep control of the company’s sensitive information than keeping things password protected on digital media? Security access can be changed on the spot as employees leave or are promoted to a higher security clearance.

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