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Is The Paperless Office A Real Solution?

The idea of a paperless office has been around for a good few decades, and with the advances in technology, one would think that now is as good a time as any to go paperless. But, is it practical, or even possible, to go totally paperless?

It may strike you as odd that a company which sells printers and franking machines should jump on the paperless bandwagon, but bear with us for a bit.

Is A Paperless Office Possible?

The answer here is, we feel, “it depends.” You see, for companies within law or auditing, for example, going totally paperless would prove tricky. Those involved in creative processes or project management like to sketch their ideas out and some people actually like the tactile process of drawing or writing things down. Older generations will raise an eyebrow at the idea of using a stylus or a mouse to convey their thoughts, so urging them to dump the paper and pick up a tablet may not be well received.

That said, we all have a responsibility to reduce the impact on our Earth, and we know that this definitely involves using less paper. When you consider that the average company churns through around 20 reams (10 000 sheets) of paper a year, you can see how sustained usage at this level could be disastrous.

So, what do we do? Where’s the line between the paperless office and a modern, functioning business?

If we can’t go completely paperless, then we can at the very least, reduce our usage. Here are a few tips. How many can you implement today?

  • Switch to paperless statements for your clients, and yourself.
  • Remove smaller printers from individual’s desks and have a central (and less convenient) printing point.
  • Encourage an environment of recycling by placing boxes in strategic areas for reusing old paper and recycling waste.
  • Get rid of the fax machine and replace it with online PDF forms, an online “fax” receiver which translates faxed documents into PDFs, and get your staff electronic signatures.
  • Make use of collaborative online tools like Google docs instead of printing out items for review.
  • Get into the cloud. Make use of the many applications and data storage options which mean your data is secure but you never have to print it out.

There are so many ways to encourage your staff to reduce their paper usage and put the tech that we have at our disposal to good use.

If you plan on going paperless and need help with the digitisation of archived documents, then chat with one of our team here at Mailmech. We have the solutions you have been looking for.

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