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Electronic Letter Openers – Not Just A Pair of Picnic Pants

Admittedly, there are certain “new and innovative” products that the general public look at and think – “Who actually needs that?” Those that spring to mind are shoe umbrellas, picnic pants and diet water. And yes, these are actually available to the more gullible out there. However, what do you think of when we say, “electronic letter openers?”

Either You Need One or You Don’t

As with any product, there is a specific market which makes good use of it. For others, it’s just a pair of picnic pants.

If your business receives an average of five letters per day, then you’re probably not in the market for an electronic letter opener. A quick flick of your scissors or a ruler and the envelope is open, and everyone can get back to work.

However, there are many larger organisations which receive hundreds or thousands of pieces of mail in a month. What seems like a quick job of slitting open an envelope now turns into a mammoth task which requires either a full-time (and very patient) member of staff or an electronic letter opener.

How Do Electronic Letter Openers Work?

The exciting news is that there is a letter opener to fit your needs: whether you need a smaller machine for low volume requirements, or a top of the range high-volume option.

The basics remain the same, whatever your needs. Simply stack the unopened post into the feeder and with a quiet hum your letter opener moves the envelope through a feeder which slits in on one, two or three sides, and allows you to extricate the contents quickly and easily.

In fact, to see these – frankly – very satisfying machine in action, take a look at the video below:

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If you are part of a burgeoning business and are in the market for an electronic letter opener, then we look forward to your call. Mail Mech has a range of machines available to suit your exact needs.


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