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Document Binding’s No Bind with Pro’s on The Job

Thanks to great machinery, binding valuable documents is not only possible but desirable. There’s no denying that looks do count and we deny it we may, but we all judge books by their covers. Presentation carries 90 percent of the aesthetic value and probably knocks up 100 percent in the first impressions department. The primary binding tip is to have your documents professionally bound at the outset. The professionals know what they’re doing and not only can you then feel proud of your presentation but the orderliness of smart document binding makes life so much easier.


Five Top Binding Tips:


  1. Plastic Comb Binding – perfect for the home office, municipal planners, consultants and education departments. Although overtaken somewhat by coil and wire binding, plastic comb binding still has pride of place. Machinery makes it quick and easy and with good primary colours to choose from, simple categorizing is possible.


  1. Wire Binding – professional looking and long wearing. Best for binding ledgers, catalogues and diaries. Wire binding opens up 360 degrees and is strong enough to bind cardboard and thick paper.


  1. Click Comb Binding – comes into its own in the event you may need to edit documents after binding them. Click comes can be unzipped to take out or add pages in.


  1. Thermal Steel Binding – the new kid on the block, this kind of binding is a business statement. Hand your documents in with thermal steel and you’ll be taken very seriously. The finish pretty much resembles a magazine.


  1. Binding Covers – without doubt, an important consideration. It is recommended careful thought be given to the kind of cover best suited to your documents and their purpose. Private and legal docs work best using solid leather grain-type covers in muted colours. The brighter, more colourful boards are best for less sombre documentation. Clear covers have a special place for a smart magazine look.


A final word on binding tips: Most commercial binders have the standard hole punching system for the popular 34-loop binding wires and coils. Cheaper than the next contender – the 21-hole punch system, which works for both metal wires and plastic combs, the 34-loop binding has more colour and size options. Whenever possible, using standard sizes will be cheaper, easier and faster, but that doesn’t mean odd sizes must be left unclad! Binding can be arranged to suit all your needs.


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