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Designing and Using the Perfect Business Logo

We may take those little squiggles and icons for granted, but a business logo printed on a company’s stationery or on the outside of their envelope likely took hours and thousands of Rands to create.

What is the deal with a business logo? How important is it, really?

What Is A Business Logo?

According to, a business logo is “a recognizable graphic design element, often including a name, symbol or trademark, representing an organization or product.” The jury is out on exactly how important a logo is. Why is that? Consider the Nike logo, which consists of a check (tick) – that’s it. The check is an easily recognisable mark which we understand to be Nike, but to be fair, it could have been anything.

A business logo is often the first introduction to your business, so it has to speak to what you do, what your industry is, who your target market is, and so on.

What Should You Consider When Designing A Business Logo?

The process of logo design is fascinating, and one which allows a business – especially a start-up – to really lock down their business personality. Before you start you will need to consider the following points:

  • What does my brand represent?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What do I want people to think of my business?

Once you have determined the above points, it’s important to consider what comes next:

  • How will my logo look in print?
  • Will my logo stand out on a white background?
  • Are my colour and font choices easy to read?
  • Will my design cost too much to be printed effectively?
  • Is my logo unique and won’t be confused with another business?
  • Will my design transfer into other mediums such as:
    • Printed on my company envelope
    • Printed on a billboard or vehicle
    • On a letterhead, business card or as a header on a website
    • Printed on a flyer or company brochure

Effective Use Of Your Logo

Once you have the perfect design, you’ll want to use it everywhere! Mailmech has made that super easy to do: use dedicated franking machines to print your business logo onto every piece of mail you send out, make use of our address printers to send out perfectly printed mail with your perfect logo on the top, or let us help you set up your company email signature around your beautifully designed logo.

Why not give us a call today and let us help you take your business to the next level.

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