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Beautiful Business Brochures Don’t Just Happen

Business brochures are an investment. Yes, a well-designed business brochure often comes at considerable cost in terms of preparation time, printing and distribution.

So, how can you make sure that your efforts are not wasted, and you aren’t going to alienate your readers or chase them to a competitor without even knowing?

Let’s unpack what makes a great business brochure.

What is the purpose of a business brochure?

Just like your website, billboards and magazine adverts, your business brochure needs to speak for you when you aren’t around. Which means it needs to walk and talk like your top salesperson. How so? Your brochure needs to reflect the same personality, professionalism and confidence that you want your brand to display. A monochromatic bullet-pointed list on a flimsy A5 flyer says a lot more than you may think: it says you’re a two-bit operation with no budget to get the important stuff done.

Your business brochure is your voice, your sales tool, your brand ambassador and a good, solid handshake. It should serve to educate your audience, give them enough facts to instil confidence in you and your product and tell them clearly what to do next.

Is your business brochure beautiful?

Before they’ve even read a line of text, your audience will decide whether or not to read your brochure based on its design and layout. Rich, imaginative and aspirational imagery, coupled with easy-to-read fonts, well-spaced copy and a clear and logical flow help you to overcome this first hurdle.

Do they have all the facts?

However, as we all know, beauty is only skin deep. Therefore, you will need to focus on compelling content to ensure that your potential clients want to read on. An eye-catching and emotive headline is key, perhaps framing the problem that you solve and positioning yourself as the best option.

Concise sentences, short words, and succinct ideas can still convey your professional message without sounding pompous or “jargony,” and a reader is likely to spend more time reading something that is easy on the eyes (and brain!)

A final but brutally important point; be sure to include a call to action. What would you like your reader to do next? Whatever that it – visit your website, call you, or visit your store – make it as easy as possible for them to do just that by including all the relevant information and a clear way forward.

The popular acronym AIDA should always apply when designing your business brochure: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

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