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The Marvels of the Modern Franking Machine

Remember when the office administrator had to keep a healthy supply of postage stamps locked away to cater for the company’s mailouts? Some smaller businesses still suffer the frustration of having to dash off to the post office and queue more »

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A Great Direct Mail Campaign Needs a Strong Call to Action

Let’s be honest, people, in general, are not great at doing what they’re told. A red light means stop, but do they? “Click on this link” is a pretty straightforward command – but they don’t. So, if you’re planning a more »

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Printing Tips to Save You Money

Businesses across South Africa are constantly being told to “tighten their belts” as the fuel price rises, inflation spikes and general everyday living seems to be ridiculously high. But what does this look like on a practical level? We’d like more »

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Document Binding’s No Bind with Pro’s on The Job

Thanks to great machinery, binding valuable documents is not only possible but desirable. There’s no denying that looks do count and we deny it we may, but we all judge books by their covers. Presentation carries 90 percent of the more »

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Let Document Scanning Help You Go Paperless

A request to have documents delivered to one by hand likely sends chills down the spine because it’ll more than likely be a messenger of the court. Even then, today’s lawyers will ask if your divorce certificate can rather be more »

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Save Time, Save Money – Office Automation Streamlines Tasks

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency”, said none other than Bill Gates. When you’ve chewed on that piece of brilliance, you’ll agree that automation more »

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Let Super-Efficient Production Mailing Systems Set Up Your Consumer Footprint

Direct mail is not only for payslips and reams of adverts. Today’s sophisticated production mailing systems have an astounding folding, inserting and code reading capabilities that make the job a breeze. The Kern 686 System is state of the art more »

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3 Business Tech Trends For Small Businesses

Traditionally, small businesses haven’t been quick to adopt new technology. This is because innovative business tech is often expensive and requires a small team of people just keep it running smoothly. For the average business owner, the cost and complexity more »

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From Pasta to Paper – The Fascinating Story of Paper Shredders

Who would have thought that the humble paper shredder – a relatively insignificant little piece of office automation – would have such a fascinating history? Interestingly, the very reason for its invention has made it more necessary today than ever more »

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Can You Really Make A Difference? Why Should You Recycle Paper In The Office?

A compelling article in the Harvard Business review shows how innovation leads to success when it comes to recycling. It says” In the 1990s, the Ontario government pioneered a new office trash and recycling system — which has since been adopted by more »

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