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3 Business Tech Trends For Small Businesses

Traditionally, small businesses haven’t been quick to adopt new technology. This is because innovative business tech is often expensive and requires a small team of people just keep it running smoothly. For the average business owner, the cost and complexity more »

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From Pasta to Paper – The Fascinating Story of Paper Shredders

Who would have thought that the humble paper shredder – a relatively insignificant little piece of office automation – would have such a fascinating history? Interestingly, the very reason for its invention has made it more necessary today than ever more »

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Can You Really Make A Difference? Why Should You Recycle Paper In The Office?

A compelling article in the Harvard Business review shows how innovation leads to success when it comes to recycling. It says” In the 1990s, the Ontario government pioneered a new office trash and recycling system — which has since been adopted by more »

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Is The Paperless Office A Real Solution?

The idea of a paperless office has been around for a good few decades, and with the advances in technology, one would think that now is as good a time as any to go paperless. But, is it practical, or more »

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Designing and Using the Perfect Business Logo

We may take those little squiggles and icons for granted, but a business logo printed on a company’s stationery or on the outside of their envelope likely took hours and thousands of Rands to create. What is the deal with more »

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Beautiful Business Brochures Don’t Just Happen

Business brochures are an investment. Yes, a well-designed business brochure often comes at considerable cost in terms of preparation time, printing and distribution. So, how can you make sure that your efforts are not wasted, and you aren’t going to more »

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Neopost AS-850 | Pressure Sealers

An image of neopost as 850

Products > Pressure Sealers > Large Volume > AS-850 8 500 Pages/hour – up to 150 000 items per month Document hopper – 300 sheets Feed type – Friction All fold types – Z, C, Half Fold settings – Manual Internal more »

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Kern 3500 SL | Production Mailing Systems

An image of kern_3500-SL

Products > Production Mailing Systems in South Africa > Kern 3500 SL 22000 Envelopes/hour – up to 5 000 000 items per month Configuration – Modular All fold types – Z, C, Half Max pack thickness – 6mm Envelope size – more »

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Mercure IR Envelope Sealer | Envelope Sealers

An image of the Kern K40 Plastic Wrapping System

Products > Envelope Sealers > Mercure IR Envelope Sealer 18 000 Envelopes/H – up to 500 000 items per month Envelope size (Maximum) Feed type Sealing capacity Maximum thickness Envelope hopper Internal counter Solid contraction Low noise level 90 – 250mm more »

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NPI Omega | Sorting and Counting Machines

An image of NPI-Omega

Products > Sorting and Counting Machines > Production Volume Sorters > NPI Omega Throughput ranging up to 20 000 pieces per hour with the Multi-Line Optical Character Reader (MLOCR) Various pocket options Requires only one operator and incorporates the popular Microsoft® more »

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