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When Would I Use a Document Binder in My Office?

While we all strive toward a paperless office, the fact is that there are still many items that need to be printed and stored. From client proposals to health and safety documentation, there is currently no electronic work-around. In these more »

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Working Remotely Equals Happier Staff

Let’s Make it Happen for You. It’s no secret that the office of today is very different from those of yesteryear. Processes are faster, more streamlined and many systems are automated, relegating the monotonous tasks to intelligent office equipment. However, more »

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When is Laminating Documents a Bad Thing?

While every self-respecting office should certainly have a laminator, not everything should be laminated. Yes, we know that one gets a tremendous amount of satisfaction when a shiny, professional-looking and somewhat more robust document comes sliding out of our laminating more »

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Electronic Letter Openers – Not Just A Pair of Picnic Pants

Admittedly, there are certain “new and innovative” products that the general public look at and think – “Who actually needs that?” Those that spring to mind are shoe umbrellas, picnic pants and diet water. And yes, these are actually available more »

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Quick Tips Printing Brochures In-House

There’s absolutely no doubt that a professionally designed business brochure or information flyer is a great way of communicating your message to potential customers. Whether you’re at a business expo, networking at an event, or simply want to provide additional more »

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What Does the P o P I Act Mean for You?

Most business owners will have heard of the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI) which was tabled back in 2013 and has recently taken effect. What is the point of POPI and what do businesses need to do in order more »

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No, Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Ask for an address these days and you’re likely to be given an email address. Direct mail, aka snail mail, doesn’t seem to be on the top of the list when it comes to communication tools, does it? However, many more »

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The Rise of Remote Working – Can It Work For You?

Office culture has experienced something of a pendulum effect over the last few years. Businesses have put workers into cubicles with senior staff in glass offices; some have tried a more socialist movement with everyone from mailroom clerk to CEO more »

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Make Your Out of Office Reply Work

For most of us, it’s almost that time of year. So close that we can almost taste it! We’re tying up loose ends and doing final updates in the hope of shutting down our computer for the last time for more »

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Top 5 Tips for Professional Business Brochure Design

Some businesses have websites to showcase their products and services, but some prefer to use beautiful brochures to lure their audience. There are benefits to both, obviously, but when it comes to brochure design, too many businesses leave it up more »

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