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Direct Mailing Stats Say, “Post It Pal”

The good news is that the direct mailing stats speak volumes in a world dominated by digital media. According to 2017 Media Usage Survey results, direct mail isn’t just holding steady, it’s growing. Direct marketing is not digital’s less sexy cousin by a long shot. 


Few realize just how ‘hit and miss’ a digital ‘shotgun’ approach is. Behind the scenes, digital ad creators work constantly against a ‘spray and pray’ mentality.  Flinging a message out via the Cloud and hoping it rains on the right people doesn’t cut it. No matter how technologically advanced digital marketing is, direct mailing is not done yet.


That is not to say that we can rest on our laurels and do the ‘same-old’ and get great results. The market is indicating a great merger is happening between digital marketing and direct mailing.’ Integration’ is the new name of the game. 

Measuring the Future of Direct Mailing Stats in SA

It takes a couple of years, but South Africa consistently slots into the trends evidenced in the US. Examining US stats is like looking at a forecast of the future for marketing in SA. For starters, based on spend and volume analysis, major brands such as Starbucks and General Motors are among the top mailers in the country. 


The 2017 Media Usage Survey stats by proves the future lies in combining direct mailing in particular, with digital marketing.


In an article by Jamie Turner, “Modernizing Your Direct Mail Spend With Technology”, direct mailing stats demonstrate a higher response rate than any other channel.  


Why Direct Mailing Stats Show It Works

The reason why direct mail still fetches a high response rate is due to the following four factors:


  • Capability in utilising data smarter than ever before 
  • Improved advances in data-gathering methods
  • Greater accuracy in marketing demographics
  • Ability to model data more accurately


Jamie’s research shows that direct mailing and digital marketing, when executed together, make a significant impact difference to any campaign’s ROI.


Whether a direct mailing old-timer or a newbie, let the stats reassure you that mailing is no sleeping giant. The sweet spot of digital technology’s effect on direct mailing awaits your discovery. Welcome to the brave new marketing world and all it can do to bring new life to your business.


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