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Pressure Sealers: Your FAQs Answered

Pressure Sealers: Your FAQs Answered

Pressure sealers have been an office staple for larger organizations for quite some time. They offer added efficiency, speed and security to a tedious process, and are so incredibly easy to use.

Let’s take a look at some pressure sealer FAQs to determine if this should be an investment you should consider for your business.

What is a pressure sealer?

A pressure sealer is a machine that folds and securely seals one-page documents. It does this by passing the pre-printed document through a process which creates ‘cohesives’ – specific patterns which are pressed into the form. Then, the pressure sealer folds the paper according to your requirements, and aligns the two complementary edges, using pressure to fuse them together.

This makes it perfect for applications like mailing letters or documents that need to stay intact until they reach their destination!

What are the advantages of using a pressure sealer?

  • Fast: Pressure sealers are fast, simple, and much faster than hand sealing. For example, the Formax FE-1200 can seal up to 2100 sheets per hour, including the option of C, Z, or half folds.
  • Easy to Use: The friction feeder pulls through documents to fold according to your settings, and simply pushes them out on the other side, ready to mail.
  • Cost Effective: Save time with a desktop pressure sealer and sidestep the tedium of stuffing and addressing envelopes.

For more information on exactly how these smart machines work, check out this short video showing the Formax FE-1202 in action.

What kinds of documents can I use my pressure sealer to fold?

You can use a pressure sealer to fold a variety of documents, including:

  • Payslips
  • Invoices and statements
  • Tax forms
  • Cheques
  • PIN codes
  • Medical information
  • Utility bills

Essentially, anything that needs to arrive unopened can be pressure sealed. However, as this system is so handy, simply printing the recipient’s address onto the reverse side of direct mail, marketing information, or promotional material eliminates the need for envelopes. More cost savings!

Simply put, a pressure sealer does the job of folding and sealing documents (minus envelopes) quickly and securely. Small businesses can choose from small desktop options, while larger organisations would benefit from larger, faster models. Choose your pressure sealer here.

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Why You Need a Document Scanner in Your Home Office

Why You Need a Document Scanner in Your Home Office

As a home office worker, you probably know that paper clutter is the enemy. And while it’s easy to save digital versions of your documents, there are still some situations where only having a physical copy will work.

With that in mind, here are some sound reasons why you need a scanner in your home office:

Clearing Paper Clutter

The first step to living in a paper-free home is to make sure you have a document scanner. A document scanner can take the place of piles of paper, binders and boxes. It will scan everything from medical records to financial documents and then store them in one place for easy retrieval later. When dealing with paper clutter, it’s essential to keep everything organized so you know exactly where everything is at all times.

The best way to do this is by using an electronic filing system such as Dropbox Paper or Evernote Business, which allows users to access their information from any device they choose (phone, tablet or laptop). This makes it extremely easy for people who often travel because they won’t have any problems accessing their files while away from home!

Making A Digital Version Of Your Important Papers

Scanning is a great way to create a digital copy in case you need it later on; if you ever want to send the document over the Internet, store it on your computer or flash drive, or print out a hard copy. Most scanners come with software that allows them to automatically convert documents into PDFs.

Use the scanner to send documents by email. This is a great way to share documents with clients or colleagues, especially if you’re working remotely and need to upload files quickly.

Upload documents to a cloud server for easy access from multiple devices and locations. Cloud storage makes it possible for files to be accessed from anywhere on any device without having to carry around physical copies of those files in hard copy form.

Digitizing Papers for Security

One of the most obvious reasons you should have a document scanner is to secure the data on your important documents. The ability to digitize those documents and store them in secure cloud storage means that if your home office or records room is damaged by fire, water, or theft—or even just by an accident—your files are backed up safely off-site.

Having a scanner in your home office allows you to save important documents without having paper on your desk.

It will give you peace of mind knowing that everything is backed up on hard drives or the cloud, so if anything happens to those files, they are still there for you to access from anywhere in the world!

We hope we’ve convinced you that adding a document scanner to your home office is a smart move. Not only will it help you organize and save important papers, but it can also give you peace of mind by giving you an electronic version to keep on file and share with others.

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Good Reasons to Buy a Booklet-Making Machine

Good Reasons to Buy a Booklet-Making Machine

Some things are better automated: think of car washes, coffee machines and traffic lights. For those of us who run a busy office and are always on the lookout for smart ways to save time, money, or both, you may be considering a booklet-making machine.

We’re taking a closer look at the Kasfold range of booklet-makers which we hope will help you to choose the best option for your business.

Booklet-Making Machines Made Simple

As a robust and versatile option, Kasfold booklet making machines are an excellent choice. The standard features depend very much on the model you choose, but you have some amazing automated options which make for the most professional booklets in record time.

Some of the features that you can expect are:

  • Double-sided jogging – you want your booklets to have straight, carefully aligned edges
  • Flat clench stapling or a safety staple formed in an anvil
  • Muliple stapling positions, including corner staples and loop stapling
  • Single knife trimmer to remove feathering

Dedicated sensors automatically detect when paper is added to the machine and the smart system sets the booklet-making process in motion. This clever machine allows variable time control between insertion and stapling to suit the operator, and the necessary adjustments are easy and accessible. Make use of the counter to double check your numbers and simply fold the conveyor away when not in use.

The Kasfold booklet-making machines are effortlessly practical and are willing and welcome office appliances when you need a smart and professional booklet. Whether you need to present information to the board, or you’re launching a new product, a beautifully design, printed, and assembled booklet is what’s needed.

We firmly believe that the modern office environment should take advantage of the amazing tech available today and automate as many mundane, repetitive tasks as possible. If you feel the same way, please take a moment to scan through our range of office equipment and select top quality products to make your business life that much simpler.

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How Secure Are Shredders?

How Secure Are Shredders?

Do you get a deep sense of satisfaction when you feed those documents into the shredder and it gobbles them up and spits them out into thousands of tiny pieces?

It’s sad that we live in a world where this is necessary, don’t you agree? But the fact is, even low-profile people like you and I need to mind what we put in the garbage in case we become the target of identity fraud. This begs the question, then, exactly how secure are shredders?

Exactly How Secure Are Shredders?

The short answer is, very!

Yes, we may have watched a movie or two where the genius protagonist somehow manages to beat the odds and piece back together the shards of a critically important document to expose the bad guy. But is that actually a reality?

In 2012, the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) published a worldwide challenge to encourage people to build a computer program to analyse and reassemble shredded documents. As you can imagine, computer nerds jumped at the challenge, with more than 9,000 teams registering for this prestigious competition – and the $50,000 prize.

They were given a puzzle whereby they had to reconstruct documents for five individual problems and answer questions contained within. Each document was shredded into over 10,000 strips. The short version of the story is that a team did, in fact, manage to create a computer program that did what it was supposed to and showed that this is indeed feasible.

However, in this challenge, only five documents were shredded and offered to the contestants, which took hundreds of man-hours and a lot of brains to solve. Imagine, for a minute, that these documents were contaminated with dozens of other shredded papers and mixed together in a drum. The whole project becomes exponentially more difficult, to the point where it’s simply not worth the effort.

So, if you’ve ever had a niggling doubt that your tax returns or other confidential documents may fall into the wrong hands, then by all means, buy a shredder. The larger and more robust shredders that we stock will make short work of your papers as well as CDs, cans and bottles – should you need to.

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Paper Joggers: The Benefits of an Important Office Tool

Paper Joggers: The Benefits of an Important Office Tool

A paper jogger may not be the first thing that you think about when considering office tools, but it could be a very important addition to your space. Many office managers will recognize the purpose and benefits of paper joggers once they are explained. Perhaps you, too, will experience that “Aha!” moment when you realise that there is, in fact, a solution to a problem that you didn’t know you had.

What Are Paper Joggers?

Paper joggers are an important tool in any office setting, especially when it comes to mailing and printing. A paper jogger will ensure that your stack of documents is aligned, straightened and smooth so that you don’t damage the printer or your mailing equipment when you run them through it.

When would you benefit from using a paper jogger? Well, consider the following scenarios:

  • You’re sending a batch of carefully printed documents through the folding machine, and you want each page to emerge with uniform folds.
  • Perhaps you’re punching a large document for filing, and you need the result to look as professional as you are.
  • Maybe you are tasked with producing training documents or boardroom packs which require binding – you need those documents to be seriously aligned to look good.
  • You’re packing off a new batch of documents to customers, and you want them placed in their envelopes seamlessly, minus glitches and jams.
  • Your payslips or statements are due to go out, and when they hit the pressure sealing machine, you would prefer them to run through perfectly, the first time.

Yes, paper joggers are one of those simple yet incredibly helpful office automation tools that give your staff back their valuable time and reduce the frustration of tedious tasks.

If you’re looking for a paper jogger, or in fact, any quality office automation to make your day run that much smoother, please get in touch with our team. We know how to make your day run smoothly.

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Get the Edge with Formax FE-325 Folding Machines

Get the Edge with Formax FE-325 Folding Machines

Whether you’re running a streamlined home office or you’re expanding into a commercial space, the Formax FE-325 folding machines are an excellent way to take the tedium out of those mundane tasks.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the most important features of these machines, and we’ll also take some time to consider who needs folding machines in their day-to-day operations and what exactly the advantages are.

Features & Functions of the Formax Folding Machine

A key concern for small business owners, particularly those with limited manpower, is how to make their operations more efficient. One way to do this is by purchasing an automated folding machine. If you’re unsure what kind of folding machine would be right for your needs, take a look at the Formax FE-325 folding machine.

This clever device has a large capacity feeder, which can handle 250 sheets at a time. Whether you’re working with 60 or 250gsm, you can trust your Formax to manage paper sizes from 10x100mm right up to 298x432mm.

At speeds up to 11000 pages per hour, you’ll have no problem managing the demands of a high-volume office. Plus, with its reduced noise level and small footprint, this folding machine is perfect for tight spaces.

Additionally, the entry-level folding machine can produce C, Z, and half folds – easily set and changed where needed.

Perfect For Any Occasion

Whether you’re planning a wedding, catering an event, or producing sales brochures or promotional pamphlets, the Formax FE-325 will be your best friend.

In today’s fast-paced world, there is simply no time for tedious tasks that can be handled faster and more efficiently by a smart office device. Plus, you’re guaranteed a super-sleek finish with documents that look amazingly professional.

If you’ve been on the fence about which folding machine you should invest in, please feel free to contact our sales team for more information.

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Don’t Get Cut Up! The Advantages of an Electronic Letter Opener

Don't Get Cut Up! The Advantages of an Electronic Letter Opener

If you’re looking to add something modern and classy to your office – or if you simply want to prevent your employees from cutting themselves on sharp letter openers, then it’s worth thinking about investing in an electronic letter opener.

Electronic letter openers are fast, safe and very easy to use, making them ideal for everyone from busy professionals to home businesses. We’re looking at some of the best reasons to invest in an electronic letter opener— and why they may be right for your business too!


If you’ve ever cut yourself on a paper cutter, you know how sharp they can be. An electronic letter opener is a much safer option for your office, as no blade can come into contact with your (or your employee’s) skin. In addition, these devices are often equipped with safety features like guards and stop buttons to further reduce the risk of injury. (It will keep you from injuring someone else if they happen to walk in while you’re using traditional letter openers like a ninja.)


An electronic letter opener is a neat and professional way to open letters in the office. No more messes from slicing open envelopes with a knife, and you can even keep the envelope intact if you need to. It’s also much faster than opening each letter by hand and reduces the risk of an over-enthusiastic employee slicing open the contents during the process.


If your office is like most, you probably receive a fair amount of mail daily. An electronic letter opener can help you open those letters quickly and efficiently.

For example, the Omation 2112 can easily handle over 20 000 envelopes per hour! It also comes with the following benefits:

  • No sharp edges – Slices through envelopes quietly without getting your hands close to sharp edges
  • Space-saving size – Its slim, ergonomic design takes up surprisingly little space
  • Precision cut – Envelopes are cut straight and cleanly
  • Handles a variety of envelopes – With a versatile opening range of 90mm wide x 140mm high, it can handle a variety of envelopes, including A4, DL, C5 and 91x91mm


From smart electronic letter openers to sorting and sealing machines, make Mailmech your first and last office automation stop. We’ve got just what you need.

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Let’s Talk About Envelope Gum

let’s talk about envelope gum

You’ve probably had to seal an envelope at some point in your life. But you’ve probably never stopped to wonder about the sticky stuff that is used to seal the envelope.

Wonder no more!

It’s called envelope gum, and there are a few myths surrounding it. Let’s look at a few.

Should You Actually Lick It?

Sealing an envelope seems easy enough, right? You put the contents of the letter inside the envelope and lick the envelope gum to seal it.

But should you really be licking it? Envelope gum is an adhesive; at some point in your life, you’ve been told not to put glue in your mouth. So why is this any different? Unlike others forms of glue, the gum is made from potato starch or corn starch – both of which are edible. Though ingesting a lot of gum still has the potential to make you sick, so don’t go crazy.

How Much is Too Much?

More means better, right? In the case of envelope gum, no. If there is too much gum on the envelope, it may not close properly, and the contents of said envelope could be lost. The same goes for having too little gum on your envelope. The gum won’t stick properly and the contents of the envelope would be lost or damaged. So envelopes usually have the right amount of gum to keep their contents secure – all this thanks to the magic of automation.

Are All Types of Gum the Same?

Put simply, no. Many types of envelopes are made from different materials with different shapes and sizes. One type of envelope gum just won’t cut it. For example, gum arabic is one of the main ingredients used and is in all types of envelope gums. It’s made from hardened sap found in acacia trees and has an amazing range of uses.

Now you know what envelope gum is made from and that it is, in fact, safe to lick. If after this you still don’t love the idea of licking envelope gum, using a damp sponge or cloth instead works just as well.

In today’s digital world, however, licking envelopes isn’t really a thing anymore, is it? However, if you’re in business and regularly send out direct mail to customers, employees, or prospects, then why not take a look at a faster, more secure way to seal your envelopes?

Chat with Mailmech for all your printing, mailing, and office automation needs.

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3 Benefits of Smart Envelope Sealers

3 Benefits of Smart Envelope Sealers

If yours is a medium or large corporation you probably have thousands of envelopes to seal on a regular basis. If you’ve been wondering how to cut down on manual labour and speed up the mailroom process of sealing envelopes, then you need to know the benefits of why your business needs to invest in smart envelope sealers.

The Benefits of Smart Envelope Sealers

Productivity and Privacy

Is making sure that your sealed envelopes get out on time an extremely important part of your business operation?  By using an envelope sealing machine you are guaranteed to be able to get your letters out on time, every time. It will also ensure that any private documentation remains safely sealed in envelopes on their journey to their destined recipients.

Saves Time and Money

Automatic envelope sealing machines are designed to ease the process of sealing large volumes of envelopes at high speed. Just imagine the time-saving in being able to seal 18 000 envelopes per hour and up to 500 000 a month.

And you will save a lot of money by reducing your staff quota required for manual processes because these machines are completely hands-free and do not require manual wetting, flap folding or sealing of envelopes. All that is required is an operator to stack the prepared envelopes into the feeder and press a button after which every other step is completed automatically.

Easy to Use

Smart envelope sealers are not only economical, but they are compact and so easy to use that minimal training is required to operate one.

If this sounds like something your business needs to increase your productivity and you’re ready to reap the time and money-saving benefits of smart envelope sealers, we highly recommend the Mecure IR Envelope Sealer with the following features:

  • Seals 18,000 envelopes per hour and up to 500,000 envelopes per month
  • Takes a variety of different sized envelopes between 90 and 250mm
  • Comes equipped with an envelope hopper and internal counter
  • Is able to maintain speed while producing accurate results
  • Has a low noise level
  • Requires a single operator for initial processes, after which the envelope sealing machine will complete the job at hand automatically

For all your mailing solutions, give Mail Mech a call on 011 789 1608 or email and let our experts both guide and supply you with top-quality smart envelope sealers.

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Unpacking the Neopost Sorting and Counting Machine

Unpacking the Neopost Sorting and Counting Machine

How many man-hours are you and your colleagues putting into unpacking and sorting mail? If the answer is too many then the Neopost sorting and counting machine may be the answer to all your mail woes.

So what do you need to know about this machine and how is it going to make your business life easier and more streamlined? Keep on reading to find out.

Easy Sorting

Being able to reduce operational costs while making your business run more efficiently is the dream of every business owner or manager. For a medium-sized business you can often only have one or the other, but not both.

Enter the Neopost sorting and counting machine. With flexible, reliable and user-friendly systems and setup, these mail sorting machines are the way to go.

Improved Accuracy

Using a machine for counting and sorting offers an accurate and innovative solution to human error. It also means that you can re-distribute your workforce to areas where they are passionate and needed if your business – because let’s be honest, no one is passionate about sorting or counting mail, no matter how well you do it!

Less room for error means improving the revenue side, so it’s a win-win.

What Else?

While the above two points are a great starting place, what else should you know? Let’s take a look:

  • Shooter changeover times between batches
  • Non-stop sorting and counting
  • Faster and more efficient
  • Adapt to your business needs

All these points will drive your business up a notch in the industry.

Neopost Sorting and Counting Machine

As a medium-sized business in the mail industry, finding a machine that gives you an edge is a golden opportunity. And this is exactly what the Neopost sorting and counting machine offers. If you have any other questions, contact the Mailmech team today.

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