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Best Postage Protections for Fragile Items

No matter which shipping carrier or postal service you use to deliver your fragile postage items, nothing can prevent those inevitable bumps or accidental drops when something is transported from point A to B.

Use these great tips to assist you in more safely shipping your fragile items

Use a Correctly Sized Box

The best way to send fragile items is to pack them in a box. While you might be tempted to use an extra-large box, leaving a lot of additional space around the item, this can backfire as it generally allows too much movement of the packaging material in transit. On top of this, you’ll also incur additional shipping and handling costs.

Using a snug fitting box is also not a great idea as this won’t allow enough space for a sufficient amount of padding. Ideally, the box you choose should allow for approximately 4cm of space on all sides of your fragile postage item which not only will protect your item but will make shipping cost-effective too.

For particularly fragile items, it is worth considering sending the item in a box within a box as an added precaution.

Use Good Quality Packaging Materials

Thinner, flimsy boxes may seem more cost effective, but they do very little to keep your fragile postage items safe in transit. The heavier duty box you use, the better.  Many postal or shipping services offer a selection of custom shipping boxes made of durable materials, so be sure to check those out and, if to your liking, select one that would work best for your fragile items.

Fragile Proof the Box

The primary goal of protective packaging is to prevent your item from moving around inside your chosen box.

To start, use a few layers of bubble wrap to protect breakable items. Make sure to wrap individual items separately. Then, beginning with the bottom of the box, pad it with some type of filler.  You can use additional bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, air pillows or non-expensive scrunched up balls of paper. To make the paper balls, consider recycling non-sensitive office paper waste or old newspapers.

Now, arrange your wrapped item or items in the centre of the box, giving some thought to how your parcel will appear to the person unboxing it. Fill up the surrounding space with more padding materials, making sure that the box is able to close comfortably, without any bulging. Lastly, give the box a gentle little shake in a few directions to check that there is no movement of your item within.

Secure and Label the Box as Fragile

When securing the box with packaging tape, always remember that a little goes a long way. Not only can too much tape make the unboxing experience a frustrating one for the receiver, but it may also cause them to accidentally break the fragile postage item in their struggle to open the box. Do however, add at least two layers of tape to the bottom of the box for added strength.

Keep in mind that accidents can happen and writing “Fragile” on the box won’t necessarily prevent your parcel from being dropped or damaged during its journey. That said, making use of  a few “Handle with Care” or “Fragile” stickers affixed to the box on all sides, or even handwriting such in permanent marker, will give you far more recourse with the shipping company should your item unfortunately arrive crushed or broken.

Add Insurance

If your fragile postage item is expensive or irreplaceable, it’s always best to further protect your investment by insuring the parcel against any unforeseen circumstances for a greater peace of mind.

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