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Why Would Anyone Use A Franking Machine?

If you talk to any company, you will know that most of their systems chosen for one of two reasons. Either they save money – or they speed up a process. In many cases, both.

And that is also why you are likely to find – in these same companies – a franking machine.

Yes, paper mail volumes are declining. And looking at the big picture, this is a very good thing. But – in the meantime – there is still a need for a fast, cheap alternative to hours spent in post office queues. And licking stamps.

Quite frankly, if your business does process a large amount of outbound mail, then nothing beats a franking machine. In fact, it’s even worthwhile for companies with smaller mail runs.

So why would you use a franking machine? How can it benefit your office?

The post office offers discounts on franked mail. It may only be a few cents per item – but that adds up when you are processing large volumes of mail.

Nothing beats the convenience of a franking machine. Murphy’s Law dictates that you will run out of stamps when you need them most. Like – at month end. So instead of wasting time standing in a crowded post office and asking for petty cash money to buy stamps – just send it through the franking machine. Top up your credit weekly or monthly – whatever suits you – and let it run. Even our basic model machine will warn you when your credit is low.

The right franking machine will stamp the correct credit on your mail. Ever had to buy seven stamps to get to the right amount?

Free advertising? Definitely. Your franking machine lets you stamp your outgoing mail with a professional – and personal – slogan block. This can be your company logo, a happy holiday message, a web address or a current offer. This personalised mail creates a great impression of your company to your clients.

Mail expenses can be allocated to various departments for accurate accounting. Our franking machines also offer useful record keeping facilities. Postage recons are a cinch with your franking machine – their precise reports allow for accurate information logs. You have complete control over who uses your machine – so it is secure and no money is lost through theft.

So, a franking machine will save you time – and it’s easy to use. They offer reporting functions, correct weight, and credit services – and process mail far quicker than any other mailing system. What’s not to love?

We at MailMech are firm supporters of the automated office. Time wasted on functions that can be given to a machine to perform – better and faster – is lost time indeed. In fact, if you take a moment to browse through our products, you will no doubt find other exciting items which offer great time-saving options.

Give us a call today on 011 789-1608 or visit We’d love to help make your working day easier.

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