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Why The Modern Office Needs A Shredder

If you were asked why your office needs a shredder, no doubt you would reply that it is for security reasons. And you’d be right. However, it’s a little alarming to see how many people simply crumple up and throw away sensitive documents – instead of sending them to the shredder. Into the bin they go … To be collected by the trash van.

Some people refuse to believe that a person would really go through your rubbish bin, and pull out your old, tea-stained documents. But it really happens. A lot. An identity thief is still a thief. And digging in someone’s trash is most likely not the lowest point in their life.

It’s simply too easy today to open credit cards or store cards over the phone, with relatively few details. Your bank account could be bled dry before you are even aware of it. Your competitors could access your company plans or ideas.

So before you toss your documents in the bin, have a look at some very good reasons to invest in a shredder.

The law says so

Depending on your business, you could hold some very personal client details. Under the new data privacy law, you need to be very careful what information you leak into the public domain. We also have a moral obligation to protect the interests of our clients. Even a simple ID number – in the wrong hands – could cause untold problems. So shredding their details would be a sensible thing to do.

What about our employees? Salaries, pension funds, banking details – in fact, any personal data of any employee – should be sent to the shredder as soon as it’s no longer needed. Details like these are a goldmine for identity thieves. And they may also cause problems within the office if sensitive info gets out.

We have an ethical and legal responsibility to destroy personal details in the shredder. But there is another side to think about.

Shredded paper is more compact that crumpled paper. So it takes up less space in the office. This shredded paper is usually taken to a recycling centre when it is collected – as opposed to being dumped in with the normal office trash.

This eco-friendly system has another advantage, too. Many companies recycle the shredded paper themselves. This can been used as mulch for the garden, bedding for animals or packaging for shipped products.

Most shredders today deal with more than just paper. Our machines shred credit cards, DVDs and CDs. After all, it’s not only paper that can carry information.

It’s easy (and fun) to use a shredder. But it is also key in this age of espionage and hacking. Rather be a little paranoid and keep your details to yourself. Buy a shredder.

Mailmech carries a variety of quality shredders to suit your needs. Find the best one for you at, or call us on 011 789-1608.

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