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Why paper folding machines are key part of your office?

Why is a paper cut so painful? We can’t answer that. (Although we are pretty sure that Google has the answer!)

We are in the business of saving your business time – and pain. Too many little office jobs these days simply take up more time than they are worth. And they create additional problems. Like paper cuts.

If your office sends out brochures, letters, invoices, or newsletters by mail, no doubt you have had a paper cut. And you know how much time folding paper can take. The tedious (and often painful) work of folding letter after letter is mind numbingly boring. And it takes a surprising amount of time to do.

Do we have a solution? As it happens – yes we do.

We’d like to introduce you to the automatic paper folder.

Our paper folder can fold sheets from A7 to A3 and everything in between. It is easy to use – and the settings are simple to configure.

You can choose whether you would like a half fold, a Z-fold or a C-fold.  For example, if you’re using window envelopes then a Z-fold is ideal – and will position the address exactly where you need it. I’m sure you’ll agree, this is a very handy addition to your office.

Not only is it easy to set up, but it completes its tasks in record time – pushing out 11 000 sheets per hour. For the number people out there, that’s 3 sheets per second.

Can you fold 3 sheets per second? We thought not.

But it’s not just the speed of our paper folder which is pretty exciting.  Business today demands that we display a professional front – and it’s all in the detail. Yes, a precision folded letter – as opposed to a clumsy hand folded option (with finger blood) – says a lot about your company.

If your office sends out regular letters and marketing material – in hundreds or even thousands – then we are certain that we can help. When December rolls around – the burden doubles. Special offers,  seasonal greetings or church bulletins all add to your paper folding nightmare.

So we would like to encourage you to put the pile of papers down. Stop doing the work that you can automate – and get on with the stuff you enjoy. Give us a call and let us show you how we can save you a whole lot of time.  And increase your output by spending your manpower money a little better.

Besides paper folding machines, we offer a great selection of labour saving devices. And we encourage you to take a look through our products range.

For any questions on paper folding machine or office automation, please give us a call on 011 789-1608 or visit us at

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